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High resolution (vector graphics possibly) Axis & Allies Map (2nd edition style)

  • Objective: Make a copy of the Axis & Allies (2nd editon / Gamemaster series by MB) board that is 1/3 larger than the original.  I hope this will allow me enough space to fit all my pieces in Europe.  I am not concerned with the smaller islands.

    Requirements: A digital image of the Axis & Allies board.

    I can scale the image myself and get it printed.

    Has anyone already done this?  Less rework would be preferable.

  • Wrong subforum - this one is for the coming 2nd edition of Axis and Allies Spring 1942.

    The one you’re looking for is below, Axis and Allies 2nd Edition. Please wait until the mothership teleports this message to the relevant subforum. Thank you.

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