• IMO, vacating India on T1 if a bum move. First you have to realize that shift from a 3 IPC to 2 IPC territory is a huge imbalance considering that the primary goal is a EV. Therefore, UK most hold India at least until T2 before retreating. With India gone, all Japan has to do is move 1 inf to take it over, allowing them to take both China’s in a single turn!

    But what is the German to do if he doesn’t take Egypt T1 (personally I would, but considering you don’t want to risk losing your BB T1 to the UK sub)? The Germans can easily outflank Egypt by moving their ARM to take both French Africa’s and moving the 2 inf to French Equatorial. Then you can safely land 2 inf into Libya the following turn and attack Egypt with up to 6 inf, 1 ARM (along with possible fighter support) on T2. This force should probably be enough to take Egypt even if India sifts all forces to Egypt T1.

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    My advice, fight the Eastern Front to contain the Russians outside of Eastern Europe, forcing them to choose between defending between Karelia or Ukraine if you need those 3 extra IPCs to end the game. Use the rest of those forces to protect WE and Africa. Remember a D-Day can ruin the Axis attempts at an EV. I’m interested in hearing your calculations on how to do it.

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