• Okay, I’ve got a question. I have been playing Axis and Allies for a few years now. We’ve moved a few times, and the game has taken a beating. I know this has been asked before, but I’ll ask again - where is a good place to find more units/chips? Hunting on the internet has turned up no one I want to send money to. I figure it would be quicker to ask here rather than send something to MB.

  • I’m sorry, but for authentic units, you are going to have to send to the Milton Bradley Company. That’s the only real way that I can guarantee authenticity. However, if you’re just looking for chips to mark unit numbers, try ImpGames.com (if it’s not there, just search for it on any engine). That’s where I got my replacement chips at a decent price. Hope this helps 😄

  • You can get replacement parts for everything from Hasbro. That’s about as safe as you can get I think.

    The link is:


    Drop down the “A-E Titles” box to Axis & Allies.

    The prices are fantastic, but they will only send to the US. I’m going to get a friend in the US to pick me up 2 sets of units from the Europe and Pacific game so I can play World at War with the right number of pieces.

  • Wow, you weren’t kidding! I could get a A&A: Europe gameboard for 5 bucks! It’s better to buy everything in parts than to buy the whole thing! 😄

  • Soon you’ll be able to play my scenario Moses! Maybe you could be the one who trys it out!

  • Yeah, too bad. 😞 But I think I can help with balancing issues and rules. I’m pretty good at that stuff just by looking at it. 🙂

  • I went to the website but I can’t seem to get the parts for A&A. I don’t seem to see anything for A&A, AAP,AAE. ANy other areas?

  • I agree!
    The site is a mess and difficult to steer through. I’ve tried it multiple times. Every time I get lost and find a headache. 😮 :-? :roll: 😢

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