On factories, How many can you build?

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    On page 53 of the rule book it states: “A ZONE can hold more than 1 factory.”

    If this is the case are there any limitations on building, for example, 2 or 3 major factories in BERLIN, and gaining 2 or 3 more tech roles as well as the production boost? I can’t seem to find anything to say it CAN’T be done.

    Also, if the Soviets use the option of moving a factory it would stand to reason they could move it to Moscow (example) and thus have 2 major factories in that land zone, correct?
    And, and additional clarification to the above USSR rule. Moving factories is not a one time event. The USSR can, if they have rail capacity, MOVE two minor or medium factories each turn OR they can move 1 major each turn. With the understanding that a factory that is getting moved can NOT produce war materials.

    Do I understand the rules correctly?

  • @vondox My underestanding is you can have multiple factories in a space and that would include majors factories as well.

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    @Warwick yes, unlimited

  • Yes you understand correctly.

    can NOT produce war materials.

    However im quite sure it can still roll a tech if you move a major.

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    Indeed. Tech is rolled in an earlier phase than movement of major favtory (by USSR)

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    @delaja said in On factories, How many can you build?:

    Indeed. Tech is rolled in an earlier phase than movement of major favtory (by USSR)

    This is incorrect. The Soviet reference sheet clearly states that “The factory cannot produce any units/tech the turn it moves.”

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  • A follow-up question… If a NEUTRAL has a MEDIUM factory and it becomes ALIGNED to a MAJOR power does the factory get reduced to a MINOR factory or does it remain a MEDIUM? For example, I think Bohemia has 1 medium factory. Once it is aligned does it reduce to a minor?

    Factories in conquered territories get reduced to smalls with no ability to upgrade them.

    Since Bohemia, Austria and Slovakia are not home territories for Germany it would make sense even if they are aligned that the factories also get reduced… Correct?

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    @vondox I’d actually assume the opposite. Aligning is not the same as conquering, so I wouldn’t assume that those rules pertain to Neutral nations that are Controlled or strict Neutral and then become Aligned later on.

    So, I’d say that the medium factory in your example would stay medium.

    Could certainly be wrong I suppose, but since the rule doesn’t strictly say that about Aligned nations I wouldn’t apply a conquered territory rule to an Aligned territory rule.

  • @chris_henry My thought would be that the rule is specifically no Medium or Major factories cannot exist outside of a nation’s home country. Thus, if you take over one of those, and it is outside of your home country, it cannot be a medium or a major anymore. It isn’t reduced because of the destruction of conquest, but the reduced efficiency and support outside of the nation’s homeland.

  • @trig That was what I was thinking as well. That it gets downgraded as soon as it’s either invaded or aligned. There are no other neutrals that have a medium factory so it’s a one off situation. The annexation of Bohemia was NOT a welcomed event ( with the exception of a minority of Germans who lived there ) so I think it should be downgraded to a minor factory if we are following a historical approach.

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    @vondox @Trig That very well could be then!

    Here’s a counter question though: Why even bother making that a medium factory in the first place then? No units can be built from it until it’s aligned, but the moment it’s aligned or conquered it just changes to a minor? It seems like that’s either an oversight on HBG’s part in terms of not even being worth putting it there in the first place, or we’re interpreting this incorrectly.

  • @chris_henry I agree… I am hoping someone else will chime in who has been playing this game for longer than I have and could share how they have been handling this situation. The German set-up sheet clearly states which territories are home territories for Germany and Bohemia is not one of them. So regardless if it is conquered OR aligned the factory should drop to a minor one when Germany moves in. So my money is on that this is a game detail that should be corrected in a future update. It should just be a minor factory from the start to avoid confusion.

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    @vondox You know, as I’m looking at the rules again too, I did forget that annexation is considered a combat move, but where no combat actually occurs. So, I could certainly see how the captured factory rule (i.e. reverting to a minor) could be interpreted here.

    The fact that the German setup sheet for the 1939 setup has Bohemia as having a medium factory as well though is still what makes me think this was just an oversight. Bohemia is also not German Home Country in 1939 setup, but starts the game German and has a medium factory on it. By your reading of the rules, you’d just make that medium factory a minor the moment the game starts, right? To me, that doesn’t make sense!

    I think by strict reading of the rules you guys are correct in the way this would be handled, but I do wonder if it was meant to stay a medium factory for purposes of annexation. But yeah, would love to get input from someone there, this might be a good errata question!

  • @chris_henry I think I will just amend the set-up to make it a minor factory and leave it at that for now…

    If the rules had a different mechanic for the annexation process other than a combat move then I might think that the medium factory could stay a medium factory. The rules state any factory that was a major or medium in a territory that is conquered becomes a minor factory.

    I guess there is nothing to stop the Germans from building another minor factory there if they want but why would they?

    I think it was just a mistake when the neutral set-up was getting developed.

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