German victory objective - Eliminate Communism; which Soviet cities...?

  • In the rules of V3 they mention that the German victory objective: Eliminate Communism - Score 1 victory objective
    if at end of game Germany Possesses Moscow or two others Soviet Cities.
    Which cities are meant precisely? Any two Soviet cities (Kiev, Murmansk, Baku, Sevastopol, Smolensk …) or Leningrad and Stalingrad? And does that only apply to the cities in the circle, because Murmansk, for example, is not in the circle …?

  • @HMS-Serapis That’s actually an interesting question. I think the answer is it has to be the cities with the circles around them. I say that since the rules specifically define cities in the game as those with circles/semicircles. So the options being Stalingrad, Leningrad, Kiev, Smolensk, Novosibirsk.

    I think the cities in red ink on the map are more for cosmetic appeal, but I guess I certainly could be wrong on that assumption.

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    Yes, it’s any 2 Soviet cities. Cities are only territories in the shape of a circle (or semi-circle on coastlines). We tried to remove all of the other city names from the V-2 map and replace them with regional names.

    Murmansk does not have a circular territory and therefore is not considered a city territory. It exists in the territory of Kola. The only reference I’ve seen for those types of cities like Vladivostock and Murmansk is Red Cities in the Elite of the Soviet Union expansion set. I think they were probably put there for aesthetics.

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