Bloodbath Rules Victory Conditions (convert to GW36?)

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    Just wondering if anyone has adapted the BBR victory condition to GW1936 successfully? We are going to try since the 2-player version of GW36 just doesn’t seem to be working quite right.

    The cities should map pretty well. The resources (Netherlands PAC Islands, Iraq, Iran, Caucaus, etc.) should map okay. The Atlanitic Wall pretty close. Africa for the Italians, China, etc should be convertible. The IPP levels are similar (can GW36 levels)

    Add Madrid as a VP.

    We are thinking, start in 1936 still but the 12 VP by Turn 8 might convert to 1943, 13 VP by Turn 9 = 1944, etc.

    BBR 4.0 VPs.PNG

  • @sjelso Maybe, though it might be simpler to just make a combined Allies commie victory conditions, or to use the OOB VPs for the Axis with a time condition like in BBR. Those are better suited to the map, and I believe that some of the BBR ones could be very hard for the Axis to hold in this game. In G40 the score usually goes up for the Axis till about turn 10, then starts dropping. In 36, this is more around '43 or '44. If you cut it shorter it might work.

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    @trig Some of the BBR ones are difficult too on the BBR/G40 map, like the Atlantic Wall. Overall, I think it is going to work well. We tweaked the Atlantic Wall to include just the 3 French Atlantic coast territories. One can also build a fortification to satisfy the VP requirement, but one would probably have ground troops anyway. One problem is the absence of an Italian transport, we might add one in the set-up. We played 20 games with OOB GW36 VPs and honestly we never even finished a game and counted up the points. We usually just called it much before that point.

    What is great about BBR, it can be a nail biter and opens so many possibilities. In the OOB GW36, Italy is pretty limited. The Pacific Islands VP also put the smaller islands into play, which can be pretty fun and the Allies have to plan for such an event.

    So far we have added occupy/control Denmark, Netherlands and Southern Norway as a VP. In 20 games, Germany has never bothered to take Norway nor Denmark. All it does is drive up IPP Allie die rolls. At least there might be a reason now.

  • @sjelso Norway and Denmark are a good place for Germany to take after going to war. Then there is no IPP roll and it gives extra money, some bonuses, and a VP for Denmark.

  • '17 Customizer

    @trig Netherlands, Denmark are almost a nice buffer against landings. Norway no pushover and have to leave protected waters to amphib unlike the G40 map. One may never recoup the IPP needed to take Norway.

  • @sjelso Denmark is something I also wouldn’t take till later, but the Netherlands can be a pain very quickly after Japan attacks. Norway may be risky by sea, but only 2 airborne are needed if given long range air support. If done during lightning war, Norway can be rather easily and quickly conquered.

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