🎲😢 PRNG dice support group — and ranting

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    Having played this a bit now I think the complaints seem overblown. The amount of “bad” rolls doesn’t seem out of line with what I might experience in real life. I think most of these issues are psychological as the importance of the roll matters more when the attack or defense was critical to you. For example the very first SBR attack in this game I did, the defending AA shot down my Bomber, which of course starts to immediately make me suspicious of the dice as emotionally we feel anything with a 49% chance or less shouldn’t happen. You’re likely to overlook all the times things went heavily in your favor when it was irrelevant- like having everything on your side hit when you are moving a stack into a spot with one defender, or having no enemy defenders hit when you are sniping off single pieces. The DEI attack is also a 2/3 chance, so you should still expect to see wins here a lot if players do it consistently. And while losing a battle at 98% odds of victory really stinks, the 2% loss chance is still a chance. People win the lottery all the time.

  • And do you have at least 150 games played?

  • Also, my complaint is that the dice perform a “tit for tat” in combat.

    I miss
    They miss
    I hit
    they hit
    i miss
    they miss

    And usually on the way out when its the last enemy unit, it will hit.

    and nearly always if you got overwhelming force, the enemy will force you to “pay the toll”

    from which if the total value of the enemy is say 6 IPC, during combat they will exact 2 hits overall

    It is a tendency. it may not happen 100%, but the average is what im speaking about.

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    @Imperious-Leader said in 🎲😢 PRNG dice support group — and ranting:

    And do you have at least 150 games played?

    Nope, nor would I need to if the RNG was really as broken as claimed. I haven’t seen the behavior you describe of one side always guaranteed to get a hit if the other does. The battles where I send in overwhelming force to clean out 1 - 2 units wins with no losses in line with probability.

    Your struggles more than likely actually confirm that the RNG is fine. If all rolls for all players have a nice distribution curb, then somebody is going to lie on the lower end where they feel ganked all the time. Nobody wants to be Hurley from LOST and there’s no way to say the game would ever switch to feeling right for you. Flipping tails 1,000 times in a row doesn’t mean you can’t get tails again on the next flip.

    Growing up my father would always gripe about the ‘law of averages’ and imply the universe was against him if he lost too much family game night. Sadly that isn’t how probability works. If you’ve been ganked 1,000 times you can get ganked 1,000 more.

  • Well i suggest you get more games under your belt and have a look. I play every day since day one and have an acute familiarity with these results. And in spite of the dice, i win anyway. I’m just pointing out something some people who don’t play often have an opinion of. I know how probability works. I’m saying the dice roller algorithm isn’t exactly set up right. You do know there are different ones right? This game just happens to use the wrong one. Its no different than the dozens of alterations the game has gone thru, with glitches and many odd occurrences that the developers deny is a problem, then magically get fixed on the next patch. And if you want to try its still very hard to take the Artillery from Philippines on a transport for one example. Other examples were skipping of phases. nice.

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    @Imperious-Leader -shrug- if you want to say the game’s RNG is broken based on your sample size of 1 player’s data you’re not going to be convinced otherwise, so I won’t say any more on this topic, although if you’d like to start a separate thread with me where we play some games against each other so we can compare our rolling I’m happy to do that.

    I’ve had plenty of swings on the dice, in the last 24 hours I had a game where I won the Ukraine attack as Russia with no losses at all and another where I lost a naval battle as the Japanese with 99% favorable odds (given that this was a giant attack with 15+ units). All of this is stuff that could easily happen in a real game. In the naval battle I could have retreated after the first turn when I saw nearly every unit missed but I went again thinking ‘well, I can’t whiff so badly twice in a row’ which of course is not how probability works and naturally I whiffed twice.

    Separately, I was having a hard time too with the Transports but the customer service gave some pretty good instructions on how to deal with it, so it isn’t hard to get the units off the islands if you have the Transport pick up the unit rather than have the unit board the transport. I think I’ve seen elsewhere that some players complain about that system as it’s a bit slower than TripleA’s method, but at least it works reliably.

  • But its not. Many people are complaining about the roller. Hence the existence of this thread. Just play a few more games and come back. Also, my transport example is only ARTILLERY FROM PHILIPPINES. Not anything from anywhere.

  • I KNOW RIGHT!?!?!? Sometimes it seems so broken almost to the point I can predict when its going to screw me. I wish there was some way to make sure the program is 100% random.

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    Oddly, I’m having the opposite experience now … dice that resemble real life. Sure there’s the crazy good or bad roll here and there but again, for me, it’s starting to feel like a real game. Maybe next week, I’ll think differently.

  • I’ve only been playing a few months but one of the first things I noticed was the wild dice outcomes.Been gaming over 30yrs and never seen anything like this on such a consistant basis.You may flip a coin 1,000 times and have it come up heads and the next it still comes up heads but the people betting against you will probably break your hands!Reference classic movie ‘The Hustler’.

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    @BillyMack57 problem with this is the hands are getting cut off too late… going from 1,000 to 1,001 tails is unremarkable :).

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    I just want to be able to let people know the only reason they won is because I got diced. I’m in this game right now that I’ll probably have to abandon because the dice are terrible.

  • @djensen Hilarious!

    Can we see a picture?

  • @Imperious-Leader said in 🎲😢 PRNG dice support group — and ranting:

    @djensen Hilarious!

    Can we see a picture?

    No, it’s embarrassing. :wink:

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    @djensen said in 🎲😢 PRNG dice support group — and ranting:

    I just want to be able to let people know the only reason they won is because I got diced. I’m in this game right now that I’ll probably have to abandon because the dice are terrible.

    Yeah, it’s annoying that you can’t see the final state of the board when the game ends, or you might be able to figure it out when things like that happen. I just abandoned a game where I failed to take Ukraine R1 (although to be fair, that battle is hardly a 100% lock) and I always wonder what the opponent thinks when the game just ends before they even get a turn.

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    I added some updates to the first post of the conversation. Please take a look.

  • BTW how many games in total have you played?

    How do you print parts of the game screen?

    I need to learn that and some sticky needs to have a basic training on posting whatever…a primer of sorts

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    Just got beat up by the dice big time and repeatedly. 6 fighters hitting 5 time 3 rolls in a row. It’s just not fun. I know part of the issue is playing more games, I’m going to see more outcomes and a bunch of those are going to be displeasing. But regardless of the randomness, one big battle with really bad rolls makes me want to quit all my games so …

    I’ve quit all my current games and not playing for a while.

  • Oh dont do that. I had a recent sea battle sending 4 fighters, 1 bomber and 2 subs against 2 destroyers, 1 battleship, 1 sub and all my units whiffed and he hit 3 times ( sub submerged). Second round i whiffed and he hit again 3 times. Since i knew it was BS because of the dice algorithm, i expected results like that.

  • @djensen The game is unplayable

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