• Hi all,

    I recently picked this up and have been having a blast playing ranked online.

    One thing I’ve been struggling with is feeling irreparably behind when an opponent gets lucky taking bad risks. I’ll have a stack of 10 infantry and 8 tanks as Germany and get attacked by 10 infantry and 6 artillery and lose 14 units while killing 2 and then my opponent just retreats. Or Germany will attack SZ 7, 10, and 11 turn 1 and take no losses and it becomes almost impossible to build up a fleet. I could list countless examples of opponents taking unfavorable fights and somehow completely eliminating armies of mine while taking minimal to no losses.

    I realize that luck will always play some factor in winning/losing but I feel like I’ve seen way too many times where an opponent will take (in my mind) stupid risks and be rewarded by an insurmountable lead. What’s the best way to mitigate this?

  • @someguy Sometimes, it’s impossible to win due to dice, true. But check out these videos on how to recover from a bad start as Allies:



  • hey Someguy

    This is just me commiserating more then helping, 🙂

    but i can add sending 3 subs, 1 cruiser, 2 planes against a rus sub, 1 destroyer and 1 battleship and transport. and Britain keeps the battleship and transport.

    Generally though if your opponent takes stupid risks they will keep taking stupid risks with all nations they are playing. it might pay off once against Germany but fail catastrophically against Japan.

    I would recommend hanging around a few turns, underdog come back wins might be rare but they are the most satisfying by far.

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