What the hell did they do to ruin this game?

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    The so called update made what was a 5 minute operation to complete my turn into a 30 minute fiasco. Why? because the two aspects of changes to make the arrow lines more narrow fell on deaf ears. In fact the arrows are much wider and you basically need to perform two additional tasks to “see” what the enemy has. It was much simpler before. The second was the clicking on your own units especially transports and loading them. For whatever reason this was an issue and it only got worse and some stupid glitching is preventing clicking a unit to load and moving it 2 spaces. The issue again is the thickness of the arrows preventing a recognizable space to move too due to many lines.
    The dice roller is another pile of crap. It is not random and is privy to “tit for tat” . This is if the attacker hits in small battles with ridiculous force, somehow by osmosis the defender hits on nearly every roll, reducing the attackers advantage to an even pitched battle. So the attacker takes the same loses regardless of how many units he has. No matter what “the makers” say about this they are wrong. I got like 400 hours into this game and my impressions are more justified than anybody who works for the company that makes the game.
    The fixing of the Americas was a welcome change, but the battle dialog staggers and looks choppy. The request to retreat is sometimes missed for those who want a fast battle , which ruins games potentially. The music is still boring and i wish each nation had its own theme playing during your turn. I see some other graphic changes made and they improve the look of the map.
    WE should have the choice of dice rollers in the game and you should be able to edit the units for our own purposes. lastly, all units should roll at once. Their are too many levels of combat and waste even more time. Players can easily see which units hit by clicking the dialog that displays this.

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    I just started playing this iteration of AA42SE. My only point of comparison is both GTO and AAA. I turned off all the animations and audio because that is of no interest to me so I can’t address those aspects of the game. I do find the movement arrow lines to be a significant problem. Once you get a mixed force of inf and aircraft into a territory, things get blocked. I can’t see the enemy units. I can’t see if I left guys behind when attacking. If I’m doing amphib assaults it takes forever to make the initial move cause it’s a jumbled mess of yellow and red lines. Amphib attacks from multiple locations to a single location such as Baltic took me 20 minutes to move, undo all, move, check, undo, move and check the units I moved. It’s very confusing and very time consuming and I still find I left a couple of units behind! That’s not counting all the capital ships I’m moving. I’m slowly getting used to the loading/unloading protocol. My preference is drag and drop loading/unloading. That may not be on the horizon but I wish it was. I find the movement of units sometimes lags when I right click. I can move a lot faster but find myself waiting to make sure the system understands the commands I thought I made. I’m a user - not a programmer so anything you could do to speed up the game would be appreciated. I played one complete practice game as Allies against the stupid Axis AI. A 6 turn game would normally take about 4 hours. My practice game took around 10 hours. The turn lengths mean I probably can’t play a live game to it’s conclusion. That’s unfortunate as my alternative is to go back to AAA. I really want this version to continue on. Sure, I hate the dice at times but I’m not going to comment on dice as long as you assure everyone that you are using random dice. Fog of war and all that kind of BS.

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    More problems…

    1. You state “pick 1” in the caption and behold some jack picks all three allies and you have no way to boot him or communicate to him. Wonderful… Nice game.
    2. The caption script is too short BTW
    3. Next is the “ranked play” is full of 1 vs. 1 players. AA is a game of teams, just like the real war when factions either didn’t communicate with other as to where they attack or whom. Each nation had its own objectives for its own national interest. The whole point of playing is to react/plan to how other players execute their turns and you interpret whats going on. Its not Terminator Algorithm control of perfect syncopation of three Allied nations performance art. The developers don’t allow anybody to “see” who’s waiting in a game and your stuck playing one guy. Don’t they want multiple games of 4-5 players which make the game more popular, or just 2 people? This is a great mistake IMO.
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    1. The lines of attack are still too thick and overlap units and its hard to see
    2. loading transports is difficult: usually each transport loads just one infantry each, then you move it and its in the wrong sea zone!
    3. Too many times in combat the rolling of dice locks up the game
    4. Why does my strategic bombing have results of “1” like every time?
    5. Too many "5"and “6” results in combat…especially with bombers and battleships. having 2 bombers/battleships --they never both roll 4 or less… always just one hits if i have 2.
    6. Too many times attacking at overwhelming odds, the defender kills equal to its IPC value every time… ridiculous!
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    More problems… I took my land units off UK to land in Africa ( im Germany). I brought a sub to kill a lone transport in the zone, and with these transports i bring a BB and CA for SB. Apparently, a lone transport negates ANY shore shots even if i had a hundred subs attack that transport. Bullocks!

    Then as an added bonus, at the end of combat these transports are magically back to where they took the infantry off UK…a free move.

    More bonuses. Bringing land units from Japan in NCM also causes problems…

    You have say 4 transports and 9 land units in Japan. You want to bring 4 units down to FIC and each transport wont load up completely, instead it only puts one guy on each transport so you need 4 transports instead of 2 to bring these units. The way around it is to move the extra out of the zone, leaving 2, then shuck down to FIC, then cancel the deployment of the other 2 transports so the result is what you want. But its stupid!

    Another problem. Loading the tank in Italy on a transport takes a long time to click on because its over a factory… nice

    The dice still suck and roll too many fives and sixes and the “tit for tat” thing is still in effect. Bombers doing SBR get shot down way too many times. I no longer do SBR unless emergency.

  • @Imperious-Leader said in What the hell did they do to ruin this game?:

    More problems… I took my land units off UK to land in Africa ( im Germany). I brought a sub to kill a lone transport in the zone, and with these transports i bring a BB and CA for SB. Apparently, a lone transport negates ANY shore shots even if i had a hundred subs attack that transport. Bullocks!

    That’s how it’s supposed to work. Any naval combat means no support shots. If you ignored the transport (don’t know if that’s implemented yet, I think supposed to be with the recent patch?) then you should able to do support shots, but if you engaged then definitely no support shots.

    For the transports stuff - what I did last was I load a unit onto transport; loading another unit puts it on another transport (which I don’t like but eh I’ve given developers so much to chew on already and I don’t feel like filling out another feature request thingy) - anyways so after loading the first unit, instead of loading a second unit, I open up the windows to select the transport with the loaded unit then use that transport to load a second unit. Which is cumbersome and not how I’d say it should work but eh.

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    Thats doesn’t work. Been there done that. What i have to do is move any extra transports out of the area, then load up the lone transport and move it. Then move one unused transport one at a time and fill it up . But the other problems cause grief. Tanks are near impossible to load from Italy. Areas that have lots of battlelines and lots of units are problematic to move ( especially fighters).

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    Just for the “record” too many fives and sixes are rolled and the algorithm that was assigned is not random. Too many times dice will all miss on both sides and when they hit, both sides will score hits. I call this “tit for tat” and it is way too common. I’m not complaining about this over poor dice rolls and or crying about results. I can live with results because i find a way to win anyway. I am reporting about tendancy’s of the dice. In some battles, i have seen all fives and sixes rolled for both sides that have 10+ units. It’s just ridiculous! You might want to use a randomizer that they use in Casinos.

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    @Imperious-Leader I agree with your comments about the difficulty loading transports. I largely prefer the Triplea UI. However, I have to give Beamdog compliment for the ranked game system and the fidelity to the game rules. Allowing retreats with amphibious units, inability to both bombard and do a naval battle, probably some others I forgot. Having played hundreds if not thousands of Triplea games, I was amazed at the rules I thought, but where I was really incorrect.

    On the randomness of dice… The dice are a uniform 1d6 distribution and independent. I also thought the single last defender hit too much, but then realized that it’s simply the dice UI that exaggerates the last hit. I applied a chi-square test both on rolls in general and for the last defender hit, and was satisfied. You’re welcome to replicate: https://rpg.stackexchange.com/questions/70802/how-can-i-test-whether-a-die-is-fair

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    @Boston_NWO said in What the hell did they do to ruin this game?:

    it’s simply the dice UI that exaggerates the last hit.

    Please explain the statement above…

    The thing rolls too many fives and sixes, second if the attacker misses, usually the defender misses. If the attacker hits , the defender usually hits too. I call this “tit for tat” and it is an accurate statement as to the tendency of the dice in this game. Something is very wrong with these dice. I have never seen such ridiculousness in any game using dice.

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    five possible improvements:

    1. optional rules as outlined in 1942.2 rules ( scrambling)
    2. ability to edit setup and save to play as additional scenarios
    3. ability to edit costs and unit values and create new units ( like mech and light carriers, waffen SS, etc)
    4. ability to communicate by voice to players and opponents and ability to turn off and on. ( you can listen or turn off chat–at least its an option.
    5. ability to save a game and review it at a latter point to find out what you did right or wrong
    6. a notepad for players that saves info and possible turn buys that you can pull down when that time comes
    7. direct link to players on steam ( which is usually hold tab and shift) that brings up their name on steam and you can add as friend
    8. ability to alter dice algorithm to random…so basically not AA online dice
    9. Optional tech drawn from past games that had them
    10. fix the transports so they don’t load one land unit per transport, rather the first 2 land units you choose full each transport so every 2 units go to each one.
    11. ability to change music to individual national music… like original hasbro AA software…which was doing it 1997…and for some reason its so impossible to program
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    @Imperious-Leader Coming from my experience as statistician and coder, i’m suspicious of assertions on data hypotheses that are based on anecdotal experience rather than a statistical test. The human mind is rife with biases that hinder accurate statistical inferences. Additionally, the PRNG number generation is so established in the major coding languages, that I seriously doubt any developer would alter to make non-random die result. If you’re concerned about the randomness of the dice, record 300-400 observations which is achievable within a single game of A&A. The apply a Chi-square test.

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    @Boston_NWO said in What the hell did they do to ruin this game?:

    PRNG number generation…

    Then why is this game so different than anything else? Are there other number generators to be considered? Just PRNG?

    I have no bais when i send 4 fighters 2 infantry and 1 artillery attacking 2 infantry and 2 fighters and lose everything! ( just one example)

    its a 84+ chance in my favor and he keeps the 2 fighters

    I start to like low luck. at least i know whats coming

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    OK another thing…

    When battle occurs and losses are applied, their needs to be a dialog box that you click to finalize the way losses are applied. In some cases like taking a capital, you lose planes rather than tanks and players are used to clicking real fast to go on to other things. Fix that.

    Also, when all games either ranked or not need to be a public “known at large” and accessible by clicking the players name. That way BEFORE you play a game you know what the record of the player is at that nation and overall. This “score” is every game played period. Ranked or not. Ranked play isn’t any measure of squat, rather its how well you do controlling 2-3 nations as ONE. Thats not Axis and Allies. AA is where you need to play on a team to overcome the misfortunes of battle and poor decisions and make the best of a flawed total picture. Its not PERFECT MACHINE SYMMETRY OF MOVEMENTS AND STRATEGIC DANCE MOVES PERFECTLY CHOREOGRAPHED!

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    OK another thing.

    Say UK has a sub “set on submerge” off India, Japan wants to attack with her sub. Japan also sets her sub to “submerge”

    What have you? Oh neither sub can ever move out of the India sea zone for the rest of the game!

    Obviously you can send a destroyer and fight, but i just want my damn sub back. Imagine a stack of 50 subs and one sub just quagmires that damn stack for the rest of the game!

    Nice game guys…

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    Option to turn off such nonsense should exist, you think?

  • @Imperious-Leader There are ways to make the zone non-hostile which will solve this issue. https://www.beamdog.com/news/patch-7-notes-axis-allies-1942-online/

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    Oh brilliant. Very Intuitive. Almost like using an Apple product.

    Why cant before you roll dice can you go back and change your mind and retreat? Should i click “Dossier” and hit R?

    Its a one and done deal.

    Another problem is NVM. You cant go back on that either. This is still before you place new units. The game isnt structured so segments of turns block you out of making changes BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY DO THINGS IN OTHER SEGMENTS. I get that it offers a dialog box, but players click quickly to get past all the window dressing. Please fix this.

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