What is your signature strategy?

  • What is a strategy that you’ve tried before that you believe is at the core of your ability to succeed as a nation? How did it work? What was your opponents reaction/response?

    In my group, another player spammed German cavalry into France and Poland. Cavalry is cheap, has high attack, and decent mobility for its price, making it great for early offensive pushes against neighboring countries. This strategy has been used, to some extent, countless times due to its flexibility in the early game.

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    I’m not so sure I have one that’s “core to” my ability to succeed just yet. Part of that being I haven’t played enough separate times to develop that just yet. I still haven’t been the Comintern, for example.

    But in my game currently going, I did try something that was rather successful that helped jump start me.

    I’m the Germans, and the turn I used my Lighting War ability, I took the opportunity to invade Norway. What I did was I build two airborne infantry and dropped them on Oslo to fight the single militia there. I took it, and then was able to take Narvik unopposed the for the second impulse of the Lighting War ability.

    Point being, I was able to take all Norway in a single turn, and didn’t have to risk any of my naval units against Oslo’s shore gun in doing so. Was perhaps a bit risky to potentially waste two airborne against a single militia unit, but it worked out. I would certainly attempt again, if for no other reason than to ensure my limited naval capacity doesn’t get damaged by a small minor power.

  • @Chris_Henry
    In my limited experience playing as the Germans the Airbourne attack into Norway is a standard. Send a Fighter to support and the risk is basically eliminated. Then you can use the AB troops and Transports later for N.Africa or the Eastern Front and shuffle more regular Inf into Norway.

    So I’m with you on this one.

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    @Dran-Black interesting, thanks for sharing! I’ve read from a number of people how they don’t find Airborne units to be worth buying, so I got the impression something like this maybe wasn’t done a ton. But I think they definitely have their uses, namely in situations like the above. I think that’s a huge advantage to try and get around coastal guns. Obviously meant for weaker targets, but I still think useful.

  • @DocSpidey One of my strategies as the UK is to build Navy/Airforce and Infrastructure. A Fleet Carrier in the UK, Fighters in the UK and SA. Bunkers on Egypt-Lybia border, and Hong Kong. Rail Expansions to bridge the gap between North Africa and South Africa. Factory expansion for Sydney and a Minor Factory for Calcutta. AA guns for Malaya and Hong Kong.
    Use Anzac troops to reinforce Malaya. Colonial Inf /Militia in Egypt & Hong Kong.

    With a little bit of planning you should be able to fortify several key locations whilst building up enough Airpower and Naval power to keep parity with the Axis Naval Forces. This should make it difficult for the likes of Japan and Italy to overwhelm defences without significant effort, while you can pick off enemy fleets and weak points in the early years of the war.

  • Germany 1936:

    1. Don’t attack any Neutrals. Annex the 3 Neutrals. Build your forces up in Western Germany until you have enough to take on France. Also make sure you have a paratrooper and your air transport in Western Germany. I would also build some in Stetin to take on Poland later. Save your lightning war.
    2. On the same turn, Attack Narvik with your paratrooper, and attack Belgium with your forces you have stationed in Western Germany. Land your air transport in Western Germany and build another paratrooper there too. The attacks on Belgium and Norway should have put France up to full income or at least pretty close, which is good for you as the German player because that’s more IPPs for you when you take Paris.
    3. Send the paratrooper from Narvik, the paratrooper from Western Germany, and a fighter into Oslo. Attack West Poland and the other the neighboring Polish territory that starts with a D (I can’t remember it’s name off the top of my head) with your forces in Stetin. Attack Picardia with your forces in Belgium. Use your Lightning war to take Paris and possibly Warsaw.
    4. Try to have this done by July of 39 at the latest, so that you can focus on the USSR asap.

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