• I once watch Kaiserreich alternate history, and I thought it would be a nice idea to make a 1936 setup, but I don’t know much about it. Any fans here who would like to give me some insight?

  • @david-06 I am actually working on it.
    I am using info on the HOI4 scenario, and filling in what I can’t find. (I don’t have HOI4)
    When I finish research, I’ll post it up. Ideas are welcome, as is playtesting.
    Here is a sample of some of the rules:
    Kaiserriech rules.pdf
    (Note: Bold is peacetime income, normal is wartime, italics is anytime. )

  • @trig Nice:+1: I have a couple of questions/Ideas, though
    This starts in jul 1936, right?
    You should have the client states under control of the entete, and Germany can’t attack them until they rebel or when they don’t fight on Germany’s side.
    How will you organize the Suez Canal?

  • @david-06

    This starts in Jul 36.

    Puppet/client states are going to be a mechanic in this setup. Basically it is a controlled minor that you can move in, and is harder for others to influence. In that way the Germans get some control over these land they sized from Russia. Other nations get them as well. Japan gets Manchuria and Transamur, the US gets the Philippines, etc

    The Suez is going to be “moved.” Egypt and Transjordan will each control a side, like in G40. Currently, Transjordan starts as a German leaning minor.

    Any advice on bonuses or victory objectives?

  • @David-06 I am interested in this idea as well. Do you think think the HBG Global 1914 map might be more useful as a base map for such a scenario setup? Or would the 1936 map provide more options? As I possess both I would be open to helping anyone interested in such a project develop a setup on either map.

  • @Trig Quite facinating ref sheet! Do you have a complete version available for publication?

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