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General strategy question

  • I didn´t know where to post this, so I just picked this category, feel free to move it somewhere else if needed.

    If you are trading territories with an opponent, who has one infantry in a territory worth one ipc, how many infantry would you send in along with your planes? (one or two?) If there are three infantry in a territory, I generally don´t send in more than three infantry myself, depending on how many planes I got. Another rule of thumb I have figured out is that if the territory is worth 2 ipc or more, I send in that extra infantry needed to secure a capture (if everything hits first round).

    When is it beneficial to trade? Are there situations where trading simply should be avoided?

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    I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “trading territories.” Assuming, however, you’re talking about capturing a 1 IPC territory for the sole purpose of collecting that IPC while knowing your opponent will recapture that territory on his turn, I’d say that’s almost never a worthwhile trade.

    From a purely economic standpoint, you’re sacrificing a 3 IPC infantry unit (at a minimum) to gain 1 IPC. Say your opponent has 1 INF in that territory, which you kill. You’ve just cost him 3 IPCs. On his turn, he counterattacks, killing your INF (thus costing you 3 IPC) and regaining that 1 IPC territory. In effect, both sides have lost 2 IPC, with no change in the status quo. With that in mind, you should ask yourself if there’s a better use for your infantry unit.

    There are times when the territory in question has a strategic value much greater than the IPC value, and such a “trade” is in your best interests. In those cases, it’s simply a matter of calculating the number of hits you expect your opponent to get in the battle and sending in one more infantry unit than the enemy can be expected to kill. For example, 3 defending INF can be expected to get one hit per combat round. If you send in enough planes to ensure you’ll kill all 3 enemy INF, you only need to send 2 INF in to secure the territory.

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    @Simon98v yea depends on the game and the TTy. Sometimes, as the Martian alludes to, it’s good to counterAttack, just so your opponent has to deal with it.

    Usually I’d bring 3 to 1 inf with a plane if I really wanted it. I’m not a real good player tho, so… 🙂

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