• This has to have come up in games before, but, if a sub is submerged on in the same zone as a crusier, on my turn I move a destroyer into the zone to kill the sub, is my crusier obligated to fight also? I know the rules say ships can move over subs, but, combat moves come before noncombat and my understanding was also that all units in a zone must participate in combat.

  • If it were a hostile SZ, you would be free to move the cruiser before combat started. I think it would be kind of weird if a sub forced you to stay and conduct combat rather than move out before combat or do a non-combat move.

  • That’s what it’s looking like to me, the sub would negate the possiblilty of a non combat movement, but, not a combat movement.

  • Official Q&A

    The cruiser must either fight or leave the sea zone in combat movement.  If you were not attacking the sub, the cruiser could choose to leave in noncombat movement.

  • As I suspected….damn. Thank you sir.

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