Building Naval Units in a Hostile Seazone

  • So I know it is possible to build naval units in a hostile Sea Zone (let’s say SZ 97), but I was wondering if it is possible to non-combat move 2 planes into that hostile sea zone to land on a carrier to be built at the end of the turn?

  • I believe it’s legal by loophole. Because you’re allowed to deploy new naval units on a hostile zone, you can then move fights to land. However, I also had the thought you can argue that because the fighters have hostile units on the zone, it could have to be a combat in order to move there so it may not be legal after all.

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    From page 22 of the Europe Rulebook (Noncombat Move):

    A fighter or tactical bomber can land in a sea zone (even a hostile one) that is adjacent to an industrial complex you own if you will be mobilizing an aircraft carrier that you previously purchased in that zone during the Mobilize New Units phase.

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    Its not a loophole, letting you NCM onto newly built carriers gives you a chance to fight, often at sea, in situations that in past editions, you just didn’t have the moves or defense power to pull off.  It makes the game more cagey too because it lets your opponent do something you might not otherwise know he could and surprise you, extending ranges, consolidating fleets…

  • Awesome, thanks guys, this is really going to help in my game!

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