WWI axis and allies

  • I was thinking and talking it over with my Dad what if they Made a WWI Axis and Allies ( I know it would be called central powers and allies or the great war or soemthign like that

    Things it could include
    Ottoman Empire and Austria-Hungary
    Machine guns
    Trech warfare
    Mustard Gas Units

    I know it would kinda be like europe but it would be alot different because of new powers and units

    All suggestions would be helpful

    ~ )>on66 ~

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    Goto advancedaxisandallies.com and buy the game (The Great War), or wait for IMP games to release a more simplistic version of the game in 6 months.

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    This needs to be in Variants… But as far as that goes there is several Ideas you could get from Thrasher’s Site on Wargamer (Just google
    Axis and Allies+Thrasher  and he should be in the first few links)… He has 2 AaAE WW1 Variants that are interesting…

    If you do make it make the Territories Provinces…


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    I’ve been on Imp for months about their Great War game, actually about 2 years.  Still, no board game.  I know they’ve been trying ,but they just aren’t having much luck.  Did you hear that they were for sure releasing it in 6 months IL?

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    I emailed him and provided a few ideas to help them improve things. I wanted them to put that game out with blocks (eg columbia) They will never get the miniatures ready because they are too small a company. He wrote back with some things, but i really didnt get this 6 months thing from him. I do have the complete rules for both their games (east west/and great war) and can only say that my version if much better, only problem is mine cost much more. I am going to make a block version so i can at least includes pieces. In fact im in prelininary stages of a “jutland” module which uses the rules from my advanced naval combat rules from the game. I will make the maps and pieces w/o those damm printers so i can offer it for real cheap.

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    here are some pictures of that game:

  • GG is seconded:

    Move this to Variants, please.

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    Looking it over it does seem that your game is impressive.  I’ve always tried to keep up with Imp on what was going on because I really liked their East & West game, but it looks like I might have to give up on the Great War.

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