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    What would the game be like if all of the powers had all of the techs from the start of the game?  Would it help the allies more or the axis?

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    In case anyone wants to try, here is a triplea map edited to give everyone all the techs.


  • It would help the Axis more, simply because their lead out of the gate would leave to much of a gap for the Allies to close later. For example, the ability for Italy to paratroop into Africa can’t be countered, and the heavy bombers and super subs from Germany would make any allied ship in the Atlantic obsolete… interesting idea though.

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    I think the DoW would be the most limiting aspect for Allies, since USA and Russia would be stalled. If it was a total war start, the Allies might be able to pull something out.

    I’d be particularly intrigued how Rockets for all might effect the production spread. Or how Long Range Air would tweak the opening round combats.

    On the whole the bomber unit would become the most effective unit for the cost, and G is already pretty deadly with their bomber armadas. So I’m inclined to agree with YG. Though it would probably be fun for a change of pace.

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    I think with all the tech weapons at their disposal Japan would be able to wipe out China in the first 3 rounds and be in a good position to attack down into Burma. Also, since they would have the cheaper shipyards they would probably have more transports than usual to attack all the British holdings on round 3. Calcutta would probably fall round 4 or 5.

    Germany and Italy would have a fun time punishing Britain. They might even be able to pull off a round 3 Sealion and still be ready to confront Russia and the US. Although the Luftwaffe might suffer some from Britain having Radar. I can’t count the number of times I have rolled for AA and gotten a bunch of 2s.

    I think with a victory city game, it would definitely be an Axis win. If you didn’t use victory cities and played until one side or the other gave up, the Allies might be able to pull out a win over time.

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