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  • Hey there just wondering about some things you can do in A and A (obviously). Firstly can you load troops into a transport and make an amphibious Attack on the same turn? Or just with tanks because it says in the rules that if a unit loads onto a transport that it uses all of its movement to do so. Also can planes capture territories provided they still move back to a carrier or previously conquered land owned? And also, can tanks and infantry move again in the non combat move if they moved in the combat stage like aircraft? Anyway help would be much appreciated.

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    Morning Acidlemon and welcome.

    Yes. Units can load and amphibiously land in the same turn. A unit’s turn ends when it offloads, not loads. That is, as long as the Ground unit/s has not moved on land to reach the Transport and the Transport has only moved two SZs and not had to stop to enter a Hostile SZ.

    Air units cannot capture territories and must always have sufficient movement left to land on a Carrier or territory owned at the beginning of its turn.

    No. Naval or Ground units can either move in Combat or Non Combat. Not both.

  • Thank you for clearing that up for me good sir.

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    Happy to help.  Enjoy your new game.

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