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Neutral question

  • Germany attacks Oslo and fails. Oslo and Narvik are now pro-allied? If this is the case, can Russia now move a unit into Narvik and collect the ICP there?

  • Sorry, just thought of another question. If Russia can move into Narvik, could they be attacked,in Narvik, by Germany, without a DOW?

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    Yes….technically Russia is an ally.

  • So, back to the second question. Can Germany and Russia fight each other in Norway without actually being at war?

  • @Larrie:

    Germany attacks Oslo and fails. Oslo and Narvik are now pro-allied? If this is the case, can Russia now move a unit into Narvik and collect the ICP there?

    I think that is an intriguing question, since I come from that place and know a lot about the history, and since I want the Global game to play out as close to what was possible in the real war. In the real world, Norway was pro-UK and very anti-Russia. When Russia attacked Finland in 1939, the Norwegian Army was mobilized at the Russian border, ready to fight Stalin. There were no way a Russian unit could move into Narvik in the real world, without starting a fight. Even when the Norwegian Army was fighting the Germans for two months, the bulk of the Norwegian army would still stand by at the Russian border, and during the peace negotiations, the Germans demanded the Norwegian Army to keep defending the border until German soldiers could replace them. We had no problems being occupied by Germany, but if the commies would try to come, we would fight to death.

    The problem with most of game rules, is they let Stalin join the allies, technically as Tigerman77 said. That is IMHO a mistake. The commies should be their own block, not allies and not axis, just commies. With their own commie victory conditions.

  • i think a separate communist group with their own victory conditions would be very interesting.  you would need to give them an affinity towards the allies though, because the enemy of my enemy is my friend and all that non sense, despite that communism and capitalism are opposites.

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    My understanding is Germany and Russia can only fight over the Fnland territory’s without declaring war on each other. Any where else an act of war.

  • Can russia attack pro axis territories while not at war with G and I?

  • @ghr2:

    Can russia attack pro axis territories while not at war with G and I?

    I am not sure what the HBG rules say, but Russia cant do that in A&A. But I am pretty sure an attack on a pro-Axis is considered an attack on a true Axis. But when that is said, Finland should never be considered as a pro-Axis, it should be a true neutral. It was in fact a social democracy and did not love neither Stalin nor Hitler. In the non-aggression pact, Hitler did in fact give Finland away to Stalin, because Finland was part of the Tsar Russia. So since this game start in 1939, Russia should be free to attack Finland without being at war against the Axis. And now we see the flaw in the game mechanic. They gave Finland a special rule, and that is bad. Now, if Norway had not been occupied by Germany in the real world, there is no way Finland would have joined the Axis. Finland joined the Axis because they had been attacked by Russia, and was no longer neutral, and they could not choose to join the western allies since Norway was occupied by Germany and Sweden was pro-Axis.

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    Germany and Russia can only fight in Finland without declaring war on eachother. Anywhere else and they are at war.

    Russia can only attack strict neutrals unitl at war with Germany. or Japan.

    A lone wolf Russia was an idea I had but made the game difficult to balance….insert house rules.

  • Does that mean russia cannot activate pro allied neutrals?

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    Russia is an ally after they are at war with the Axis. Lets just say they cannot activate any pro allied countries until they are at war with the axis.  This would be like italy being neutral until they are brought into the war.

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