Axis turn 1 ideas

  • What are the best steps to take as an axis player(Germany or Japan obviously since Italy goes after UK)  to help deter the UK players from executing a Toratno(spelling)?? Any thoughts or reccomendations? German Air Force in Italy to scramble helps, any other ideas?

  • 2018

    My opponent yesterday sent two subs G1 to sink my Cruiser in SZ 91. She went to the bottom without even knowing what has happened. I tryed to make him pay for this by scrambling the RAF in SZ 110 but just killed two planes and the BB.

    I still went Tarento with what forces avalaible on the Med and got lucky, sinking everything in SZ 96 and 97 and losing only the CV and DD. All my planes landed in Malta.

    I used my strategic bomber in Britain and my Canadian destroyer to sink the two little bastards subs at Gibraltar.

  • 2018

    Tricks to prevent Tarento…

    1. Sink the Cruiser in SZ 91 with two subs.
    2. Try to have the British fighters in G-B scramble (not avalaible for Med).
    3. Send a German fighter at Southern Italy’s airbase to help defend the fleet.

    And if the odds for your Tarento defense are too bad, don’t scramble your planes and let the Luftwaffe clear the remaining Royal Navy ships on G2.

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    Germany should land some fighters in S Italy. But even having the ability to scramble three isn’t much of a deterent.
    There really isn’t anything the axis can do to stop Taranto, Germany doesn’t start with any ships in the Med and Japan is too far away. The only thing Italy can do is send all their infantry to Vatican City and pray for good dice!

  • '12

    The only thing that has deterred me personally if the German opener where they skip the SZ111 attack and use 3 Subs in 106.  One plane goes to Italy and the rest land in a manner that they can be used to hit the surviving British ships wherever they go in the Atlantic.  If the UK wishes to try and make sure their ships go down fighting G2 then the SZ97 attack will be skipped in order to keep air assets available.  The Bomber (might) be used with the 109 DD to try and hit the German Subs off Canada, which is a big impact already on the odds at SZ97.

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