Win Condition for Axis

  • Hi all!  I wanted to make sure I understood the Win Conditions for the Axis.  As the Axis, I must hold 8 VC (For Europe win) or 6 Pacific VC (for Pacific win) for one full turn.  I read this (and thought I saw it here as well) that if I take my 8th VC in Europe on German turn 8, I must start turn 9 with those 8 VC and then end turn 9 with those 8 VC (Hold them for a full turn).  Am I reading that correctly?

    The main reason I ask is that in Triple A, it awarded me the win on the same turn I took them. I know Triple A is not true AA Global but it has turned us onto a few rules before that when happened, we went back and re-read to only discover we were doing it wrong on the board  😮

    Anyway, thanks in advance!


  • I always played it where if germany takes it turn 8, then you have to hold it through to germany turn 9.

  • You have to hold the requisite number of VCs for the full round, from the moment you take the last VC until the beginning of that powers’ next turn. Any disruption prevents this though, so say Germany takes Egypt for their 8th VC, Britain liberates it, and then Italy recaptures. Although the Axis had 8 VCs on Germany’s turn and have 8 the next, they would have to hold it until Italy’s next turn since they didn’t hold it for the entire round.

    TripleA does this wrong, it only checks victory conditions at the end of the round, so if Italy took the 8th VC in Europe, unless ANZAC or France could liberate it, TripleA would give the Axis a victory. In this case, just say you want to continue and play until the actual victory conditions are met, or until someone surrenders.

  • Thanks!

    Yep, that’s what we did, we just played another round before calling it.

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