Axis & Allies: Victories and the Victor Poll


    This poll is very simple. Who won your LATEST game, and which nation on that side managed to win the game by taking the last VC (Axis) or Axis Capital (Allies)? If the victory was won through an enemy surrender, switch the second part of the question with, which nation contributed most to the victory? Now, a few more things…

    First off, do NOT abuse this poll. Its first and foremost purpose is to enlighten the Forums as to which side is winning more, and how it’s changes over time.

    Second, only vote if:
    a) you haven’t voted before.
    b) you have played a game since the last time you voted.

    Third, this poll is reset after every 30 voters so that voters may have more or less unlimited votes. Unfortunately, you’re slightly limited by the fact that you may only vote once every 30 voters, but it should work out since I don’t expect people to have played a game every 3 days or so.

    Fourth, I know I already made this poll, I’m remaking it due to people taking advantage of a mistake I made making the poll.

    Fifth, for now, OOB, Alpha and Alpha Plus can all be used. However, the switch to Alpha Plus is recommended, as it is the most balanced version. If Alpha Plus (or a similar equivalent) becomes standard or official, it will be required.

    First 30:

    Germany: 5
    Japan: 6
    Italy: 1
    Axis Total: 12

    US: 8
    UK: 4
    USSR: 6
    ANZAC: 0
    France: 0
    China: 0
    Allied Total: 18

    Second 30:

    Germany: 4
    Japan: 8
    Italy: 4
    Axis Total: 16

    US: 8
    UK: 1
    USSR: 3
    ANZAC: 1
    France: 1
    China: 0
    Allied Total: 14

    Third 30:

    Germany: 6
    Japan: 4
    Italy: 1
    Axis Total: 11

    US: 15
    UK: 3
    USSR: 1
    ANZAC: 0
    France: 0
    China: 0
    Allied Total: 19

    Fourth 30

    Germany: 4
    Japan: 2
    Italy: 1
    Axis Totals: 7

    US: 17
    UK: 2
    USSR: 4
    ANZAC: 0
    France: 0
    China: 0
    Allied Totals: 23

    Grand Totals:

    Germany: 19
    Japan: 20
    Italy: 7
    Axis Grand Total: 46

    US: 48
    UK: 10
    USSR: 14
    ANZAC: 1
    France: 1
    China: 0
    Allied Grand Total: 74

  • Bumpadoodledoo.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    The last game I played we were unable to “technically” finish due to serious time constraints.

    There were still alot of questions - you could call it a draw,  however, The momentum was currently in Axis Favour, it was Round 4 going to 5 and the U.S. Had only 1 capital ship on the board, and no more Pacific campaign.  There was NO royal navy on the Europe side of the board.

    Britain had fallen to Germany, hence a vote for Germany contributing the most to victory.

    The only downside was a SOLID Russian advance in Eastern Europe, that was about to be rebuffed completely.

    At the game end time, each side was making about 150 IPC’s.  Again however the economic balance was set to switch back in Axis Favour -so eek out a win for the Axis.

  • if ittaly actualy did as good as they did in my game we’d be speaking Italian–------> they took usa than canada 4 the win

  • @cminke:

    if ittaly actualy did as good as they did in my game we’d be speaking Italian–------> they took usa than canada 4 the win

    How in the hell did they manage to take the States? I’d like to see pictures of that game…

  • a lone transport and pressure from Germany i’ll post how they got they in a 1,2,3 diagram later

  • Bumpity.

  • @cminke:

    a lone transport and pressure from Germany i’ll post how they got they in a 1,2,3 diagram later

    A really really stupid Amercian player clearly. Someone who should maybe learn to beat candyland first before trying Axis and allies.

  • Bump. A very late bump.  😛

  • Bump.

    I just finished my first game for a good month or so, though I’ve been playing it every weekend with my brother for 4-5 hours. I, as the Axis, won after a good 20 hours of play. We aren’t exactly great at Axis and Allies, which might explain the Axis victory, but both of us made pretty big mistakes. The first few turns were filled with a failed Sea Lion, an explosively powerful Italy (my brother pulled his navy back to defend England, rather than taking Italy’s navy out) and an average Japan. It was a G2 attack on Russia and a J3 attack on the Allies. Germany was worst off through the early game, only taking the border territories of Russia, but when Italy put pressure on Stalingrad and Japan marched through Siberia, the tide turned. I put a lot of money into Japan’s navy after taking India mid-game, and not quite enough into the mainland.

    As a consequence, China rose up from near destruction, and managed in a few turns to take Shanghai. It was right around there that Russia fell to Germany, and that Gibraltar was retaken by the Allies, never to be taken back. Italy had built a tank force in Stalingrad earlier, and was pushing eastwards into China, while Germany built sub after sub to sink the American/British navy at Gibraltar without having to fear the British air force. America was pushing through North Africa, and was close to taking Cairo when Honolulu fell. Only one more VC was needed, and all the while Italian VCs Rome and Cairo were threatened by an intimidating American force. Despite this, Italy was the one to take the last VC, by pushing through China with tanks and taking Shanghai.

    Italy won the game by taking Shanghai. Awesome.

  • That is pretty awsome! I love mobile well used forces like that.

  • Bumpity bumpity bump.

  • Bumper cars.

  • People are playing to slow 😉

  • @special:

    People are playing to slow 😉



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