• Hey everyone, I’m new to the board and AAA. I have a couple of questions about Global gameplay. Has anyone ever added in the extra pieces from table tactics? The central powers and new world order pieces? If so, how do you integrate those with the standard game pieces such as attack and defend qualities?

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    Who are table tactics?

    Please provide link.

  • Table tactics dot com. It won’t let me post the link.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Double T went tits up I think.


    Like HBG just a generation too early.

  • TripleA

    Everything is centered on the infantry unit which is 3 ipcs for a 1/2/1 unit.

    For every additional movement a unit has add 1 ipc.

    For every additional attack or defend value add 1 ipc.

    For every three added on add a special ability (tanks are 3/3 special is blitz which is a movement).

    If your unit is has the same attack move and defend value as another unit, but has an additional special ability, then add 1+ ipcs reasonably.


    attack mech are 2/1/2 units (attack 2 defend 1 and move 2) costs 4 ipcs. Does not pair with artillery.

    marines are 2/2/1 units do not pair with arty. cost 4 ipc.

    dug in defenders are 1/3/1 units, cost 4 ipc, do not pair with arty.

    heavy transports are 10 ipc for 1/1/2 unit that can be taken as cannon fodder instead of being a 0/0/2 unit that cannot be taken as cannon fodder. (1 ipc for attack 1 ipc for defend 1 ipc to be used as cannon fodder).

    If someone starts a debate about heavy transports, point at the cost and say it is not a unit you would like to lose, which is why in ww2 only 4 of those suckers rammed into something.

    a fighter is 10 ipc, 3/4/4 unit. infantry is 1/2/1 you pay 7 more ipc for a fighter than an inf. It has specials that tie into other unit’s specials.

    Early fighters are 8 ipc for a 2/3/4 unit.

    Bombers are 4/1/6 cost is 12. they are a bit overpriced in regard to the rule of thumb, but their special is devastating. Industrial bombing is painful. Tactical fighters have limited bombing support, but when aa guns hit they can take the place of your bombers.

    So you have to adjust the special costs accordingly.
    Naval may seem funny

    6 ipc gets you a 2/1/2 unit with a first strike special and a hide unless you have a destroyer, but limited to attacking naval.  you spend 2 ipc for specials and 1 for extra movement.

    destroyer is 2/2/2. you spend 3 ipcs for a special and 2 ipc for attack/move value.

    cruiser is 3/3/2, 4 ipc for attack defend and move, but 5 ipc for the ability to bombard.

    battleships are 4/4/2/2 units you send 6 ipc for  attack defend and move, 11 ipc for the 2 hit and bombard (better value than cruiser, which is why many people argue the cruiser is the worst unit in the game).

    Carriers are 0/2/2/2 units. you spend 13 ipc for the special to carry fighters and the tilt.

    Heavy carriers just add 1 ipc for every attack / defend value you put on it

    early subs usually cost 1 ipc less and have 1 less movement.

    Every inrease of attack for naval that bombards should cost 2 or 3 more ipc. 5/4/2/2 bship could cost 22 or 23. 5/5/2/2 bship could cost 24 or 25.

    All naval should have a special and appropriate costs. That is what makes naval fun.

  • can I constuct my own units?
    of so, say hello to heavy militia; 1-1-1  for 2 ipc, and light militia 0-1-1 for 1 IPC and garrison 0-2-0 for 1 IPC. (light garrison 0-1-0 for 1 ipc, can be placed anywhere. max one per terr)

    try busting my russian army now BIATCH

    first turn build; 15 heavy militia = 30 ipc, 7 garrisons for moscow.

    if light garison is allowed;
    22 light militia in the factories, 17 light garrisons for every terr from moscow and westwards (except vyborg and volgoda)

  • TripleA

    Generally speaking units don’t go under 3 ipc cost. If they do you spend 2 ipc for a 0-1-1 unit.

  • Civilian hit soakers 0-0-0 for $1

  • '17 '16 '15 '14 '13 '12


    Civilian hit soakers 0-0-0 for $1

    Nice, or they could just be sandbags.  0-0-0, 3 for $1.  Best deal in town.

  • TripleA

    You can’t be a civilian and a combatant.

    2ipc for a 0-1-1 partisan militia unit makes more sense. Maybe 1-1-1 cannot pair with artillery

  • In Total War every man, woman, and child is a combatant.  This is a war of nationalist annihilation.

    So it makes perfect sense to pile up all the dead bodies of the civilians so the soldiers can hide behind them like sandbags.  They cost $1 because the city council has to hire some guys to pile them up.  Good jobs are hard to get these days.

    Or maybe the $1 civilians are women, children, insane people, drug addicts etc.  All the riff raff are each given a sharp stick and a molotov cocktail and told “Go get 'em!”.

    This is why I’m not in charge of anything in real life.


  • '17 '16 '15

    when we used to play risk my buddy would say " good thing I’m not a dictator    too many people would die"  🙂

  • TripleA

    By definition the moment you conscript a civilian into soldierhood he becomes a combatant.

    1 ipc to pay for a civilian to run around, be a distraction, and not shoot? That makes zero sense.+

    Besides you have to keep game balance in mind. 2 ipc for a 1-1-1 partisan unit that can’t combine with arty. Is not going to cripple a sea lion or super turtle a capital.

    where at a 1 ipc unit is lame.

  • I’m a civilian and they pay me to run around and be a distraction.  🙂

  • TripleA

    civilians die quickly on the battlefield, they are not even soakers just a by product casualty of war.

    militia unit makes sense for 2ipc.

    The only players who suggest a civilian 1 ipc units are salty UK players. “omg japan take india, omg sea lion, omg, omg, omg, QQ QQ QQ.” I got a bucket for your tears.

    A 2ipc unit could mean the difference between having a unit or not. So why not just take it.
    The big problem with adding new units is it generally helps the allies out. Which is okay in this version.

  • I always wanted to create partisans, and suplies.

    one thing that I might think might balance the game would be this rule;

    china; china collects income for EVERY chinese terr without a japanese unit, and the can build infantery in any chinese terretory without a japanse unit. however. max 1 unit per japanese held terr.

    or one could have; china collects full for every chinese occupied terr, and HALF for every empty japanese occupied terr.

    these rules makes some historic sense, the japanes neede more forces in china to deal with the civilian population in the occupied terretories than they needed to deal with the chinese army.

    also, I would LOVE partisans and supplies. 2 rules for this; soviet union can build partisans in german occupied terretories, they cost 1 and are 1-0-5-0 units. every 2 units = one combatdie on defence. after place new build there is a special partisan revolt phase in which new partisans gets to attack (for 1 round of combat) in all the terretories with partisans in.

    if you cannot trace supplies to your capitol, your panzers become 2-2-1 and arts no longer help infantry. you can chose your order of combat to gain supplies to another combat. (ex you can attack east poland form west poland, so that the units in belo that attacks east gets supplies for their attack, if the combat in poland are successfull.

  • TripleA

    1 ipc units are too strong, they would replace infantry.

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