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    For now the best ways are:

    1. start triplea and click “play online”.  triplea will then confirm with the lobby server if your triplea is the latest version and will let you in if it is (and tell you to update/upgrade if it is not the latest version)

    2. or check the main website to see what the “current stable version” is:  http://triplea.sourceforge.net/

    In the future however, triplea will automatically check for updates too.  However, you won’t see that feature until the release after the next release.  (also, it will only check for “stable” updates, not “beta test” updates)

    Currently i am working TripleA 1.7, and I will probably work on it until the majority of new features from the 1914 game are included too (probably several months after 1914 release).  It will be released as a “beta test” version, and will likely undergo several revisions until all the 1914 game rules are included and bug free, at which point it will be released as a stable version to everyone.

  • Hi Veqryn,

    thanx for the new features! 😄

    The new politic Relationships window looks great, more helpfull for new players i think.
    More informations for the battle calculator is also a good idea!

    I have another Future Request for you: "Edit China"

    Map: 1940 Global 2nd Edition

    Here is what happend:
    The China player attacks Hunnan, and because he thought the plane could land in Hunnan he pressed “End Move Phase” button.
    And uups the china Fighter was gone. All said ok no big deal we can edit it, but than surprise there is no option for china to add a chinese fighter when that happens.

    Maybe you can implement it in a future version of tripleA because this happened an more experienced player and i be sure this could happen a lot of new players.

  • TripleA '12

    Yes, I’ve noticed this too. You can only add Infantry or Artillery to China in Edit mode.

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    The sounds are awesome

    I hereby request the feature of more sounds!

  • Customizer

    I’ll add them to the engine if you give them to me.

    All sounds must be “.wav” files,
    and usually between 1 second and 10 seconds long

    upload them here:

    (i am totally depending on you guys and the community to find new sounds for me)

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    Oh, cool, yeah I could probably do that

  • TripleA '12

    Okay thanks, Veqryn. Will look out for a Submarine ‘torpedo strike’ sound. I noticed on TripleA the we still get the ‘large naval engagement’ sound when it’s only Subs fighting…

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    Sometimes I hear troops marching when I move ships to empty zones, too  🙂
    Guess they’re doing exercises on deck

  • '16 '15 '10

    That is awesome Veqryn.

    Another feature that would be useful for the battle calc is an (average) TUV differential for the calced battle.

  • '15 Official Q&A '11 '10 Moderator

    As long as we’re talking battle calc, how about allowing the user to specify OOL?  Sometimes you want that bomber on defense to be taken last and see how much that changes your chances….

    Or to hold subs back and not lose them first.  Can be very significant when you have super subs, like I often do.  🙂

    Meanwhile, I will continue to rely on my more detailed and versatile calculator, even though it’s designed for AA50.  It still works better for Global than the TripleA calc, even though it does carriers different and doesn’t have tacs

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