• So my roommate and I play Global quite frequently and our games shall we say get a little competitive.  So in our most recent incarnation my roommate made his India move assuming I had no planes that could reach Calcutta.  He made this assumption due to the fact that he had misidentified my strategic bombers as tactical bombers.  So, when I mad my move as the Japanese I attacked Calcutta with my strategic bombers and enough infantry to take it, and simultaneously struck Honolulu setting the stage to potentially win the game.  The issue with this entire sequence of events is-he saw that I had planes that could reach Calcutta after I had made my move, and upon recognizing this he said he wanted to change his move (basing this notion on the fact that if he knew they were strategic bombers he would never have left Calcutta so lightly defended).  But I said that he couldn’t change the move, that his mistake is and my subsequent taking advantage of said mistake is the way the game is played.  Am I totally off base here for not allowing him to change the move?


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    I wouldn’t change it, Thats would be like Hitler saying No fair allies, I thought u were going to invade the Calais instead of Normandy, i thought those were real units and not balloons

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    Once he collects his income his turn is over!  You take your hand off a piece in chess the move is done!!  No do overs, re-do’s or I thought that was a……

    If he wants another shot tell him to surrender and start another game!

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    Agreed! The only instance I would allow someone to go back that far is if I were teaching someone the rules. You both sound like seasoned professionals. No do-overs here.

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    You are 100% in the right.

    You both know the game is competetive, if it was chess, and he left his queen open, it’s not you fault that you strike at something he “didn’t see” or mistook.

  • He saw the planes. He knew the risk. It’s not like you were hiding anything or doing anything sneaky. If he was 100% sure what the pieces were he should have doubled checked before calling done to his turn. No do overs. I normally don’t allow do overs on phases of a turn let alone whole turn. Once you say That’s all the combat moves no going back during Non-com and finding a combat you missed.

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