• Why is Corinth shown as an island rather than an adjacent land zone to Greece?

    Why does Norway border Russia (Murmansk)? The border shown on the map is the 1944 border not the 1939 border. Was this intentional?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Corinth_Canal

    I am leaning on the Norway thing being intentional.

  • I am aware of the canal but since it is harder to get an army across the Danube than the Corinth Canal why does the canal require naval vessels to transverse?

  • I believe it for the gamesmanship.  It makes Greece a little more of a fight.  One legitamate territory is now split into three destinct territories.  Exagerating the canal into a full blown body of water makes the British or Italians produce or keep transports just to get to Corinth instead of just walking in.  Hightens the challenge.  The map is not exactly geographically accurate in a couple of places but it adds to the playability of the game.  Look at North Africa.  In Global 39 the Sahara desert is reduced in comparison to Europe 1940 in order to add more French territories to fight over.

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