• Just want an idea of players methods for assaulting the Eastern Front (where the real fighting took place!)

  • I’m with the majority when I say Leningrad, but I’d also like a “Ukraine” option.

    Anything besides Leningrad and Stalingrad is too deep, and while I like a frontal assault my main force goes to Leningrad with a secondary to Ukraine. I then use builds in Ukraine and the force that took Ukraine to grab Stalingrad while the Leningrad force is cleaning out all the 1 IPC territories and preparing to take Moscow. Once Stalingrad falls I like 1 turn of tank/mech builds there before I grab Moscow.

  • I voted for the Moscow option but it really depends how the Russian defense is lined up. If they defend Lenningrad or Stalingrad with any sizable force I Steamroll right through the middle and head for Moscow because Russia needs EVERY single playing piece it has to defend a massive German onslaught.

    If they defend the middle and leave the north and south I either alter my strategy and go after one or the other. Or I still drive through the middle with Italian support.

  • Customizer

    I usually try to build up four main armies to attack Russia:
    Far North: from Finland into Karelia, then south to Leningrad
    North: from Poland into Baltic States, then some units to help take Leningrad
    Center: from Slovakia/Hungary into East Poland, then usually split to take Belorussia and Western Ukraine
    South: From Romania into Bessarabia, then on to the Ukraine.

    Now, these groups will vary from game to game as to how much I will send to different battles.  For example, sometimes the armor in Center Army will split off and join South Army to help take Ukraine.  North Army may send more or less units to Leningrad, depending on Soviet defense there and availability of air cover.  Also, my strategy may differ depending on Soviet counter attacks and whether or not they are successful.  I try to build good sized armies in each group so I usually don’t attack Russia until turn 3 or 4.

    Assuming everything goes good with my battles and any Russian counterattacks were not successful, here would be my territory conquests each round after Barbarossa has started:
    Round 1 = Karelia, Baltic States, E. Poland, Bessarabia
    Round 2 = Leningrad/Vyborg, Belorussia, W. Ukraine, Ukraine
    Round 3 = Archangel, Smolensk, Bryansk, Rostov (Now Moscow is almost surrounded)
    Round 4 = MOSCOW!!, Stalingrad, Caucasus and any other little territories I can manage to grab, perhaps by blitzing.

    Of course, it doesn’t always work this way, but sometimes it does.

  • 1. By round 1, I assume you mean round 1 of FIGHTING.
    2. To get Leningrad in 1 round is unlikely…it seems like you’re underestimating Russia’s strength.
    3. A blitz is really hard on Russia.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I like to push the bulf of my troops SOUTH, with a minor factory build in Romania,  I then push, and force myself onto the ukranian factory.

    I usually then HOLD there,  the Russians have a LARGE defensive edge,  I build mobile (tanks/Mec) units in Romania, and infantry in the Ukraine,  it quickly becomes a stand off.

    Whilst all the big boys, and big toys are facing off in the south,  I use my sea-lion threat / remnant navy in the baltic, to put pressure on Leningrad,  and squeeze the enemy out, via superior air power / ground units.

    I find that the trickling in from the north is enough to push russia into the dirt, you are now putting 9 units a turn into the red beast, without including any builds coming from home. It tends to be enough.

    If the going starts to get rough in the Ukraine,  support it with Italian planes/tanks,  these units will also provide breakthrough oppurtunites, if the Russians make mistakes and leave openings.  Your mobile force sometimes then gets the chance to breakthrough to the Caucusus, Stalingrad, or the Capital.

  • Interesting that you guy with IC Rom.

    I did in OOB, but with the major East Germany I like to base my attack out of there. That guides me north.
    I put the force from Bul/Yugoslavia and whoever can get south in the south–Ukraine is easy to grab for reinforcements for that thing.

    I think the Pripet Marshes are one of the main reasons for my split force.

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    1. By round 1, I assume you mean round 1 of FIGHTING.
    2. To get Leningrad in 1 round is unlikely…it seems like you’re underestimating Russia’s strength.
    3. A blitz is really hard on Russia.

    Yes, I mean round 1 AFTER Barbarossa commences, which would be usually round 3 or 4 in the game.  I’ve never attacked Russia before round 3.  I just don’t think Germany is strong enough.  Also, I don’t get Leningrad until round 2 Barbarossa (game round 4 or 5).
    Also, this is my general Barbarossa plan.  There are a couple of alternatives:
    1 - invest in several transports to hit Leningrad in the opening attack
    2 - Putting a Major IC in Romania, then some transports in the Black Sea to take Caucasus in opening attack.  This is a very good strategy against Russia.  I’ve seen it used 2 or 3 times and it is always been successful against Russia.  In fact, it is usually a game winner for the Axis.  One time it wasn’t because even though Russia fell, Japan totally screwed the pooch by leaving their capital undefended and falling early in the game.  They had some strong navy in SZ 6, but absolutely NO land or air units on Japan itself.  USA had a slightly stronger navy and walked into Japan with 2 infantry.  RIDICULOUS, huh?  Well, once Japan was mopped up, USA was able to send tons of stuff to Europe and Calcutta sent tanks rolling up through the Caucasus.  Italy had been kept in check in the Med by Britain until the US could get down there and smash them good.  Russia was eventually liberated and German territory started getting rolled back.

  • It’s most tempting to go the Ukranian route because the territories are worth more and it opens to the Caucases but this is the more difficult route. Build transports and also attack G1. The Allied player will either defend Leningrad (huge mistake) or pull back and let you have it. I’ve taken Moscow G5 this way but just finished a game where I went the southern route and it was G9 before Moscow fell and Leningrad and Stalingrad were still in Alllied control.

  • South is where the $ is!

  • @Idi:

    South is where the $ is!

    There is money other places too though.  If you take Leningrad and Archangel (pretty well comes along with novgorod), you get a $5 NO and USSR loses a $5 NO.  That’s $10 difference.

    The deep money is in Caucasus.  You can get to it if you put an IC in Romania round 1 and Italy takes Greece, then round 2 Italy builds an airbase in Greece and Germany builds 3 transports in z100. On round 3 you can start harassing Russia by landing infantry on transports with air cover.  If they build a sub, you build a destroyer.

  • I said other because a southern push generally leads to an easy grab of Leningrad. It would be similar to Garg. Push heavy south for Ukraine. Wait for them to pull some units from the north and amphib a stripped Leningrad. Start building minor IC’s on Red soil and squeeze Moscow. You normally need a couple IC’s to keep the flow of ground units coming to overcome western allied air power flying to Moscow. Try to work into the oil fields once they retreat for Moscow as you get your second wind.

  • I have noticed that you can keep the USSR player guessing where you are going to strike by careful management of troops, which is great a Germany because you will nearly always get the element of suprise, which in turn leads to the USSR making rash buys or poor moves as a result of panic 8-)

  • I chose other because I usually react to my opponent and see what will be best for the Germans economically. Usually Sea Lion is successful so I use the transports to attack Leningrad and push North. If I don’t use the transports for the north then I go for a entire frontal assault the Russians because my opponents (usually newbs) don’t usually fortify the front lines or do an NCM.

  • '18

    I like to take the money won from the fall of France and invest in a major complex for the eastern front.  Build a large infantry force that will march north towards Lgrad once Barbarossa begins.  Force Russian player to decide between defending Lgrad or Moscow with infantry.  If I can get the Russian to split off some infantry it helps.  Concentrate all German forces into one attack.  Sometimes the Russian doesn’t split and I’ll take Lenningrad.  I send a smaller force south towards Stalingrad, but they veer north after the marshes to merge with main force right before the attack on Moscow.  I try and push a lot of infantry forward knowing that I can get armor and fighters forward later just prior to an attack.  I keep a lot of my aircraft in Germany to ward off allied invasion in the west and slowly build up a defense force there until I withdraw the Luftwaffe.  Has anyone else invested in a major IC for eastern front with success?

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