Variable's Battle of Midway - Now available!

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    Here is where we can all post the ideas for my new Midway game. I will transfer the relevant information from the previous thread that Tall Paul and I were using to layout ideas for this. Please feel free to post your ideas and helpful info as this project progresses. My plan for this is to somewhat model Guadalcanal and the Avalon Hill game “Midway” while including new OOB pieces and possibly Coach’s Marine units etc. If the new naval units are produced, there should be a way to include those into the mix as well, but in a limited manor. Paul’s project is looking to incorporate a larger variety of units and concepts.

    Thank you all!
    Here is the link to the previous discussions on the topic:

    EDIT: After careful consideration of this and Paul’s undertaking, I’ve decided to “ramp up” to something as involved as Coral Sea. Instead I will begin work on the original idea of Midway, and work my way into more complex scenarios. I want to get the rule set down and working before involving heavy island combat as well. I think this is going to be an exciting project filled with lots of naval maneuvering, air battles beyond what A&A has seen before, and secret movement as suggested in Guadalcanal with a twist! More details to follow soon…

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    I have finished a working version of the map for Midway. I have just started play testing to make sure all the basics are working. Then the HBG crew is going to go to work on refining it. We will keep you updated as to the progress of the project. Check out the map preview here and let me know what you think!


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    I have been looking forward to a NAVAL game like this for some time!!!

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    Play-testing has started at my house. You will have to excuse the crude map, I’m saving ink and making notes as I go… the real one looks much like the one posted above.

    Here you can see the US forces for the game and the Japanese about to strike it’s first blow on Midway.


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    End of turn 2. The Japanese have lost a carrier but are re-arming for a counter-strike now that the first US carrier has been found. The red zeros are stand-ins for torpedo bombers until HBG makes some in the Japanese Supplement Set.


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    Play testing continues…. another pic with the new vinyl test map ( thanks Coach!). The Zuiho and two of her escort cruisers have taken hits thanks to OOB SBDs and HBG TBFs, but a Japanese strike group is headed for Yorktown!



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    Thank you! It’s still a work in progress. Some of the artwork will change and additional VP charts have been added to the sides. I feel like it’s getting close to finished!

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    It’s finally done! Here’s a pic of the final map with a link to the product on HBG.

    If you have questions, just let me know!

    midway map final-r.jpg

  • Is there a document with the rules? I get so many links to previous discussion threads and stuffs like that 😛

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    There is a .pdf file for the rules that comes with the game when it’s purchased.

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    What is it like to play?  What is the objective?  How balanced is it? And how much fun? 😛

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    What is it like to play?  What is the objective?  How balanced is it? And how much fun? 😛

    Please tell us more!

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    Here is the “object of the game” from my rules:

    The Battle of Midway is a two-player game with one player controlling the U.S. forces defending Midway Island and the other player controlling the Japanese forces attempting to sink the U.S. fleet and invade the island.

    While the U.S. faces grim odds in this battle, they have one major advantage � they have broken the Japanese radio code. They know the location and makeup of the Japanese forces; while the exact location and makeup of the U.S. fleet is unknown to the Japanese. The Japanese must first find the U.S. fleet before they can attack it, while simultaneously protecting their carriers from the inevitable counter-attack by U.S. aircraft.

    For the U.S. to achieve a decisive victory they must sink 4 of the 5 Japanese carriers, matching the success of the real battle. Sinking 3 Japanese carriers or any combination of 4 capital ships (carriers and battleships) will give the U.S. a major victory. The Japanese will achieve a major victory if they sink 2 of the 3 U.S. carriers and destroy the airbase at Midway, forcing the remaining U.S. ships to retreat; and a decisive victory if they sink all 3 U.S. carriers and destroy the airbase at Midway, which paves the way to land the troops and take control of the island and the Pacific theatre. Alternatively, each unit in the game has been given a Victory Point value. The game can be played to 10 or 12 Victory Points (recommended), depending on the length of game you want. If both sides achieve the required points in the same turn, the side with more points wins the battle.

    It plays similar to Guadalcanal in mechanics, but it has a few changes. I think balance is good since the Japanese player has to locate targets before attacking the zone. The US does win. I would say that testing different tactics as the Japanese is key to winning for them. Just like BOTB, if you make a bunch of costly moves at the beginning, you have little chance to recover. Very quick turns. Both players are involved at the same time like GC. I do think that many more eyes and minds on the game could help tweak that just like any other game like this. If you like Guadalcanal and Battle of the Bulge, it has a very similar feel. If you’re strictly about global games and larger units, this may be your thing. If there are any rules updates that need to be made, I will make them available.

  • What are the Airbase is the middle of the ocean for?
    The AA guns in the ocean are AA guns on Naval ships, right?

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    Who are the two Admirals on the map?

    I’m assuming Nagumo and Spruance.

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    What are the Airbase is the middle of the ocean for?
    The AA guns in the ocean are AA guns on Naval ships, right?

    In the pic with the white map, right? That was the first test map. I was using the little base markers to track fuel. It’s better to have something small like that, but colored chips can be used too.


    Who are the two Admirals on the map?

    I’m assuming Nagumo and Spruance.

    Nagumo and Fletcher. Fletcher was given overall command shortly before the attack.

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    Another option to track fuel for the aircraft is these from HBG. They work quite well:


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    I’ve decided to make the rules available to all. Have a look, see if you like it. If you do, please buy the printed map from HBG for the game.

    PLUS: You get a sheet of the above mentioned aircraft fuel counters for FREE with the map!

    I plan to use my rules system for future games in the series. Additional units will start to be included for island combat, submarine combat etc. Coach is already helping by making fuel tokens and submarine condition tokens. Check the HBG Facebook page for details on those.

    You can download the rules from BGG in a few days, or follow this Mediafire link to get them now.

    Thanks for the support of Team Blue Games and Historical Board Gaming!

  • Cool! Looks like an AWESOME game!  🙂

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    Great deal going on right now. Price has been reduced to $39.95. Included with the map from now thru the 7th is:

    4 olive Avengers
    4 green Avengers
    2 green P40s
    1 acrylic AA gun
    1 acrylic airfield
    1 sheet of cardboard damage markers
    1 orange poker chip
    and as always 1 sheet of cardboard aircraft movement tokens

  • Just received my Map and shipping only took 3 days.  The map is very nice and since I collect all the War At Sea minitures they look great on the map.  So the nice thing is we can play either with the War At Sea minitures rules or with the Battle of Midway Map rules.  Im one of the lucky ones whos wife happens to enjoy playing all the Axis&Allies games and since we are a fan of The Pacific this was a nice addition for us.  Keep up the good work HBG.  Very Nice!

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    Zenosco, I need pics of those W.A.S. minis on my map! Sounds awesome. Glad you are enjoying the game already.

  • I did take some nice photo’s of the set up with most of the minitures involved in the Battle of Midway.  This is the basic set up I used.  The War At Series doesnt produce all the actual ships that were involved at Midway so alot of the ships I substituted with what I have.  Keeping track of planes I used different sculps and colors of what I also have on hand.  My wife likes to play US so I always play Japan.  So far I am 3-0 against her, but she is getting better as she is learning the game.


  • Picture 1 is Japan’s Main Carrier Fleet and a Picture of the Akagi, Kaga, Soryu, Shokaku is representing Hiryu along with the Battleships Haruna and Kongo.  Cruisers I used are the Tone, Atago and Chikuma.  Destroyers are the Isokaze, Yukikaze, Shigura and Murasame.


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