Researching in 1940

  • Hi all, my first post and I’m just throwing out a tactics question - something I couldn’t find in a cursory search with regard to this edition:

    Do you research, and if so, who and when?

    I figure the only really sensible time for anyone to invest in research rolls would be US1, full buy (all IPCs worth) of research rolls.

    Yes, slightly risky, but if anyone would find it useful, then the US turn 1 would, because your research (if successful) will last you all game (better value for money) and further, it will guide your purchases - if you get heavy or long range bombers, or jet fighters or super subs, then you buy up those and you buy up big, with game changing effect.

    Anyone have experience of this in game?

    When do people research, and who as?
    Everyone else is under pressure turn 1, the US can afford to wait, if only a little.

  • My friend and I don’t normally play with tech because we think it can interduce too much luck into the game.  I know luck is an aspect of the game but I think tech can make it too much of an aspect of the game.

    I know some people disagree and that is up to them how they want to play.

  • I never research under these rules, its far to variable and I don’t want to spend 2 hours setting up a game and planning my moves just to have someone roll a die and get some powerfull tech that unbalances the game.

  • @edfactor:

    I never research under these rules, its far to variable and I don’t want to spend 2 hours setting up a game and planning my moves just to have someone roll a die and get some powerfull tech that unbalances the game.

    That is basically why my gaming group does not play with tech.

  • I don’t use tech because I am trying to figure out the best strategies.  Tech can skew your results and leave you thinking lvl bmbs are best because you rolled LRAircraft and Hvy bmbs.    I figure just play the game normal without tech until I have refined my strategies, and then when I get bored with that I can play tech games….provided there is not a new version of A&A out by then, perhaps A&A 1939 or something, I dunno, they’re running out of years.

  • All techs should cost 15 minus one die rolls worth of IPCs
    You can only buy one a turn and it takes effect at the end of your turn

    my 2 cents

  • Customizer

    Interesting idea.  We’ve always bought more equipment as USA in the first 3 rounds (while they are still neutral) so when they do enter the war, whichever way they are going they can hit HARD with lots of stuff.  You are right, the USA could afford to just roll for techs the first round or two.  Then they might enter the war with a little extra edge.
    Theoretically, USSR could also roll for techs in the first 3 rounds, assuming Germany doesn’t decide to attack them earlier.  This would be much more risky for them because if they didn’t get something that could really help them – I’m thinking Advanced Artillery and Improved Mechs would be best for Russia – then they end up leaving themselves really poor on defense when Germany does attack with nothing to show for it.
    As for all the other countries, there is just too much pressure on them.  They have to buy more combat units for attack (Axis) or defense (Allies) and simply can’t afford to squander their limited incomes on expensive tech development.
    By the way, I use the research token system from Anniversary.  So if you don’t get a breakthrough, at least the money is not just gone.  You can roll again next turn.  How about you guys?

  • 2017 '16 Customizer

    I always go for tech rolls early in the game. I buy 1, maybe 2 dice per turn and go for it. I usually end up getting some type of tech weapon. I’m particularly fond of Improved Ship Yards and Super Subs for the US or Japan. Long range air craft is always good. Heavy Bombers are not the awesome weapon they used to be  in earlier A&A games. You roll only 2 dice/bomber and still only get one dice to count as a hit. I do like Advanced Artillary and Improved IC’s for Russia. Jet Fighters for Germany works quite well too. I think those that use house rules to nix tech rolls are probably not experinced players and do not know how to counter an enemy w/ tech weapons. For me, I like a good challenge! Maybe I’ll lose a game someday.  😄 (It’s been a looooong time since I’ve lost a game)

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    Note on Heavy Bombers:  We play with a house rule that you still count BOTH dice as hits or for SBR damage.  I think it is totally ridiculous to let them roll 2 dice but only count one of them as a hit.  Heavy bombers are just that, HEAVY.  They carry a much larger bomb load and thus create more damage – i.e. 2 hits against combat units or 2 dice rolls worth of damage in SBRs (+2).  Now, the 3 dice given to Heavy Bombers in Classic was a bit excessive.  Boy you could really rack up some damage with those.  I think 2 dice is good enough though.
    By the way, this is not totally unfair to the defender either.  After all, you are still rolling dice which depends on luck.  In combat, you could very well end up rolling two 6s – No hits for heavy bombers.  In an SBR, it’s entirely possible that you roll snake-eyes – A whole 4 points of damage from you mighty heavy bomber.
    Rolling 2 dice and choosing the best one isn’t Heavy bombing, it’s more like Precision bombing.

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