• Is scrambling after combat in the same turn allowed? For example, fighter attacks ships in SZ112 on G1 from W-Germany and lands in Southern Italy. When UK attacks Italian ships in SZ117 on UK1, can my German fighter scramble to their rescue? Or is its turn “used up” because scrambling is seen as a combat move since you can choose to scramble (as opposed to defending a territory, where you don’t have that choice)? Thanks a lot

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    Your example is perfectly legal.  Scrambling is not really a combat move but a defensive move that happens on another player’s turn (in this case it would be UK’s turn).  So while both of these actions occur in the same round, they are in different turns – combat move on Germany’s turn, scramble on UK’s turn.  The only way you would have to make a choice as to which battle your German fighter participates in is if the UK attacked both SZ97 and Southern Italy.  Then you have to decide whether the fighter defends Southern Italy or scrambles to defend SZ97.  It can’t do both.

    By the way, I assume that you meant the UK attacks Italian ships in SZ97, as that is adjacent to Southern Italy.  SZ117 is up in the North Atlantic.

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    knp7765 is correct.  The difference between a turn and a round is an important distinction to understand when interpreting the rules.  While a turn is a single power’s actions from purchasing units through collecting income, a round is a complete sequence of turns from Germany through France.  In this instance, the applicable rule is that a unit may not engage in two different battles in the same turn, however it may do so in two different turns in the same round.

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