• Does anybody play with Aircraft Carriers in AA Europe?

    Ignored in Set up and too big of an investment to be bought in game when land forces need as much as they can get and with the main Axis naval force in the Med bottled up this unit seems lost, even though Aircraft Carriers played a small but important role in this theater.  see what others think now on the topic.

  • I play with a carrier for Britain sometimes.  I posted a strat sometime ago using the Canadian factory for placement and using the initial Brit fighters for seaborn transport defense.  The downside is those fighters don’t go to Russia, but the upside is a formidable defense against Germany.  Germany is usual pretty frugal about risking fighters outside of turn one, due to using them to fend off western front landings and allied bomber defense.  Germany can’t really replace its fighters due to most of its income floating towards a TP (tank push) of some sort against Russia.

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    It plays out pretty good for the Allies to buy an AC w. the Canadian factory as RS allready mentioned…it draws attention on the Axis player because of new opened options on Allies side!..
    I played a game as Axis once where I bought an AC in Med.Terr. on G4 and opened a opportunity to Invade UK on G6 but I decided to go for Moscow and won on G6…
    I’m going to repeat it very soon and try this option to see how it works out for me since I use a diffrent strat. then the TP to win as Axis player…(I usually buy only one turn Tanks and battle w. combined Forces)…

  • German AC in the Med sounds like an interesting idea.  In my group we sometimes play with a British Factory in Egypt with a production value of 2 to spice up the game.  I feel it better represents the British 8th in the Middle East and Egypt. A German AC in the Med would make for some cool action.

  • If the Allies can team up that CV with some destroyers they can effectively clear the Atlantic of the German sub scourge. With that accomplished then the Allies can let the good times roll!!

  • I played as the Axis for the first time a while ago and loved it! The Med campagin is easy for the Germans to seize the upper hand!!! After that I built an AC and sent it to the Gilbratar Strait and stopped British supply with the Middle East. This allowed me to roll into Egypt and the Middle East! Then I was able to flank the Soviets and destroy them!  :evil: I know this was probably just lucky but it is amazing what an AC can do  😄

  • Honestly with the size of the board I don’t think a carrier would do too much. You are much better off building destroyers and subs along with the occasional battleship for the extra hit it can absorb and for shore bombardment purposes too. The only time I will build a carrier is if the German player makes a mistake and I can take my time so I can have a really nice atlantic fleet, but usually that is not the case.

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