Help support the site, Nov. 2009 Edition

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    I don’t like taking donations. If I ever did such a thing, it would be more like buying a badge like what they do on Board Game Geek. I don’t have much time to implement that right now so …

    The best way you can support the site is to help with the Axis & social media campaign, which is simply to blast out and promote links from Axis & to the following social media destinations: Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, MySpace (/me shivers), or other forums like Board Game Geek.

    It best if you just do this on your own but I’ll remind you here in the forums.

    To help out today, you can promote this link:

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    What about selling some nifty hats and better quality polo shirts with the AA. org logo?

    Even large plastic tumblers for drinking at conventions with logo may be nice?

    I could make them and you could sell them at Zazzle?

    The items i see are not so nice. I am not too fond of “t-shirts”

    I prefer all the logos with the sites name underneath.

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    I’ll work on it this weekend.

    I’ll do versions with and without the logo.

    I was thinking of having two contests next year. New web design contest and T-shirt design contest.

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    Also, post here if you shared the article using one or more of those sites. That way we can all give you karma.

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    I have another idea:

    If it is announced that AAP40 and AAE40 are limited editions, you can raise money by selling them.

    It may be a bit of a pain, but it’s an honest way to raise money ( you are trading something for something else)

    Buy them on pre-order and sell them for $200 latter. But you need to wait till the official word gets out.

    People will buy from you more than another because: 1) they are supporting the site, 2) you sell them for a little under the market rate.

    Now that Christmas approach is the best time to do something. High quality jackets, polo shirts, Hats, etc…

    Just one logo makes it a simple choice.

    Id look into contacting WOTC customer service, get the banners that they display for AA50 and AAp40 You sell them and split profit with WOTC?  Have Larry sign a couple of them and auction on ebay?

    Larry will listen to you and give you some advice because it is in his interest to promote his games… win/win

    I like the badge idea, where donors get some graphic to show they care.

    I would make some custom badges for:

    Special people:

    House rules specialist
    AA pieces junkie
    Low Luck player
    ‘What if’ Historian
    Play by Forum 2006-9 champ and runner up
    I answer rules questions

    Make them cute and tongue in cheek. The badge costs x amount, but subject to awards by you.

  • What about a drawing for an Anniversary edition or the upcoming new Axis and Allies games?

    For $5 anyone can buy a chance to win, the drawing will start when at least 40 people sign up. 
    The winner pays for the shipping.  Everyone that entered receives a custom badge.

    Everyone’s a winner and supports the site.

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    Not sure if there is any interest…  but you could make an FMG T-shirt and keep all revenue from those sales also.

    Just trying to help  🙂

    We have a link and banner to on every e-mail / newsletter we send.

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    Yes that was a big mistake. Didn’t realize how it could be abused and ruin the forums with countless posts about nothing and sidetracking good conversations with a joke rate of 95% all in the purpose of silly things like Karma and post counts.

    I will edit it too.

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    Oh no another adlertag!!!

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