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New AA50 Image!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    you are the master!!!

    something finally… a token acknowledgment of its existence.

  • I wonder if this is a harbinger of things to come?

    Perhaps a deluge of unanticipated proportions coming forth from WOTC?

    a landslide of gargantuan proportions of AA50 news and information?

    a flood of knowledge and inside information?

    an expose of photos and diagrams of AA50?

    a veritable earthquake of strategies and setups?

    a massive photo compilation of all the units?

    an announcement that Turkey and Spain are now minor Axis or Allies?

    can we expect all that?

  • Naaaah!!

  • @Imperious:

    you are the master!!!

    something finally… a token acknowledgment of its existence.

    Don’t give him all the credit IL. I posted this first! Not that it’s a race. 😄

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    Its not a race. I am pleased it shows up here BEFORE anywhere else.

    Everybody here is a potential deputized AA reporter. Just post info here first and let others get it and report elsewhere, but we remain the supreme focal point.

    and we all all benefit from this.

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    Wow!  Release is 10 days away and they FINALLY posted a pic!

    And of course I see it here before anything else.  Thanks for the post!

    I like the New trays they have added for the nations.  Great improvement over the REV edition where all your pcs are just thrown into a box

  • '10

    The picture really makes no sense so why did they bother!!!

    Whats with the UK army in Eastern Europe?!  And the US units in China?  Did the photographer ever play AAA before he arraigned the board?

    Also, why is there only Four boxes for the pcs when there are 6+ nations in the new game… lame attempt by WOTC

    Thanks for NO NEW INFORMATION once again… geez these guys!

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    This is what WOTC marketing people do all day:

  • Thanks alot, something to chew on I suppose 😄

  • Aaaagh! Philippines is now 2 ipcs! I don’t like this, It’s supposed anniv. ed. should enforce Pacific fights… but there are 2 ships near the number and this is not totally clear. Oh…  😢

    Seems new chinese units are green. Bad, they should be of another color, now it will be more difficult mod China to a full power. Shall I have to paint them?  😐

    First time I see new cruiser ship. Seems good.

    Yeees! They kept orange japanese units! I like it! Red as in AAP would confuse with soviet units  🙂

    Now I hope nobody will play with this photo as setup. Soviet trannie and UK units at Poland are sure a hint that this is not the setup. Seems WOTC don’t want people knowing the setup before day 18, and this is logical

  • Aaaagh! Philippines is now 2 ipcs! I don’t like this, It’s supposed anniv. ed. should enforce Pacific fights… but there are 2 ships near the number and this is not totally clear. Oh…

    Hey, I think this is good from a historical perspective. Never thought building an IC on a Pacific Island and pumping out aircraft carriers and tanks felt that appropriate. USA should be stronger but hopefully this will be done with a stronger naval set-up.

    Also fun to see aircraft in Russia. Yes, this is nowhere close to the set-up but I really want to see one or two fighters for the Soviets so they have something to attack with!

  • 2007 AAR League

    They sure messed up the setup bigtime in this pic.
    Russian bmbs, trns & brits in poland. No, I wouldn’t play with this setup  🙂

  • Going to have to come out of retirement for this one.

  • I was just looking over the new AA50 board image and it occured to me how arbitrary the geography is in this game.

    Why is the Belgian Congo in this game at all?

    Spain is off limits, even though certainly in the realm of possible history/gameplay Spain could have been a major player or battlefield of WWII; a lot more of a possibility than French Eq Africa or the Belgian Congo which are indeed in play.

    Certainly Turkey could have been a significant factor in this alternative universe of a game we call Axis & Allies than ever could have would been French West Africa or Rhodesia.

    Yet there they are: Belgian Congo, French West Africa, Rhodesia all open for invasion. Spain and Turkey and others are closed off.

    This is so ahistorical, we disagree about countless other nuances and rules about being historically deficient. Yet without Spain and Turkey, we are are not even accorded the ability to play out WWII in ways which could have indeed happened a lot more probable than the invasion of the Belgian Congo and Rhodesia by the Nazi war machine.

    Why of all the possibilities of the Axis and Allies timeline/universe are these 2 of the more likely ones that could have happend are indeed shut down?

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