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    Yes indeed. Please don’t leave us.

    I wonder if you have any house rules for Revised, AAE or AAP.

    Your brain is quite possibly brilliant and full of interesting ideas. The vast number of people here no little about WW2 and your a true exception.

    for example using the standard D6 system how would you rate the armor in the game?

    for example would Japans tanks be at 2/2 rather than 3/3?

    How would you rate all five nations using 1-6 system, and what price schedule would you impose?

  • Guaranteed my I.Q. isn’t in the brilliant range. To be honest I’ve only played revised against the computer a couple times. It’s a horrible gauge. I used to play A&A all the time years ago in the Army. Now I play AAM with my oldest son. His and my growing interest in that is why I looked for a forum about it.

    I don’t care much for the D6 system. I’ve been working on a game for a while now and have bounced back and forth between D10 and D12 systems. Historically speaking you generally need a 3 to 1 fire power ratio if you are the attacker. Of course several factors can alter that but 3 to 1 has been a general rule for a while now. Using higher sided dice and giving the ability to entrench can get you closer to reality in a game in my opinion.

    2/2 Jap tanks is closer to reality but I don’t like tampering with the rules much. When I played all the time our only house rule was always Russia restricted unless you’re playing a newbie. Then we would give him the Allies with no restriction. I don’t like equal numbers for attacking and defense. A hull down tank behind foliage is a tougher nut to crack than one moving in the open. Then again an armored thrust that is behind your lines will usually kick your ass more than some hidden tanks will.

    I do think giving the Brits heavy bombers and the Germans rockets would be historically accurate and not alter the game too much. You could possibly give the heavies to the Americans also but I don’t know if that would swing the advantage too much to the Allies.

    I’m just not knowledgable enough about the game to take a shot at your last question. What ever the version I would rated the weakest nation as the best for me. I love doing a tactical retreat against superior numbers. I use a series of kill boxes to make the bad guys pay for every inch. It works great against a computer. Usually humans learn after once or twice and build a massive force before entering the kill box. That’s fine. It slows them down. Then I hide amongst the closest allied force and wait for an opening.

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    I prefer a D12 system after ALOT on playtesting over the years. Its the only way to get the variation of differences between nations. 10 different out comes is really at most 8 different values, while 12 gives you more depth across the board.

    So lets do Tanks d12 :

    Soviet: starting tanks at 5/5 costing 5 for first 3 turns, then they goto 5/7  cost 5

    German:  7/6  cost 6

    UK: 6/5 cost 6

    Japan: 5/5 cost 7

    Italy: 5/4 cost 5

    USA: 6/6 cost 5

  • I seems to me you have some good ideas there IL. How does the weaker tanks at higher cost for Japan affect the game? That might be a hard sell for some people.

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    Those were just an idea to illustrate the coverage with D12. Of course its just something made up in 30 seconds to get an idea. The differences in cost presumably would be taken care of by addressing the nations favored units with cheaper costs  and combining that with added combat values:

    so say Soviets will have cheap infantry, cheap tanks, good values for tanks

    Japan would have lame tanks, but most likely the infantry would be at 2/2, fighters batter attack, some warships better attack, weak bombers

    Germany: cheap subs, better tanks higher price, more costly transports, fighters good  etc…

    So essentially you create more peaks and valleys in values and costs in order to address the unique differences between each nation so the player will make more historical and realistic buying decisions. When everything and everybody is exactly the same its kinda like a colorless abstract “riskish” type of game.

  • That’s pretty sweet,I’m going to Russia to see about digging up a T34 and bringing it home. 😉

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