Creating a 1962 game: input wanted

  • I’m trying to create a low budget 1962 variant just for personal use and would like some of you guys to chime in with opinions on a few things.

    Well the map is just an altered A2 physical world map with territories and such drawn in. It’ll be mainly based on AAR rules with moderate changes.

    the teams are

    Global Defence community (just an amalgamation of nato, the commonwealth and the european defence community, mainly just for simplicity’s sake rather than any sort of historical point, but it isn’t totally implausible that in the event of war india, aus and some of the african nations would have joined up)

    The Pan-Arab league (based on Nasser’s ambition of a united arab empire centred around egypt)

    there will be 24 VC’s so spread out the action and provide lots of options and variety to the game.

    washington (E. US) - capitol
    LA (W. US)
    Manilla (Philippines)
    Tokyo (Japan)
    Jerusalem (Israel)
    either Seoul (S korea) or Hawaii

    Paris (france) - cap
    Bonn (W. germany)
    London (UK)
    Sydney (E. Aus)
    New Delhi (India)

    Moscow (moscow) - cap
    Leningrad (karelia)
    Berlin (E. germany)
    Warsaw (poland) or Kiev (UKr)

    Beijing (still to name the territory) - cap
    Taiwan (taiwan)
    Shanghai (still to name)
    Pyongyang (N korea)

    Cairo (egypt) - cap
    Dubai (Saudi arabia)
    Tehran (Iran)
    either Algiers (algeria) or baghdad (iraq)

    major gameplay changes

    infantry now costs 2 ipc but is limited to one per original territory (2 for capitol) with at least 1 ipc under your control and must be placed in that territory.

    artillery on attack fires in opening fire round (but is limited to one art shot per attacking infantry) and then is placed back in original territory (can’t be taken as casualty). on defence fires in opening fire in the first round then in defence round in subsequent rounds of combat. Art no longer assists infantry on attack.

    bombers can drop one infantry as paratroops in combat move in an enemy territory then land in friendly territory (may not participate in combat or NCM)
    They can move 2 inf as a transport plane in ncm but must land in territory it is moving the inf to and may not have participated in combat move.
    bombers can drop nuclear weapons as a combat moves or a Tactical nuclear strike (nuclear equivalent of SBR)
    conventional SBR remains same as LHTR
    bombers now cost 12

    nuclear weapons hit with 4 dice at 4 (can be upgraded to 6 or 8 dice [still deciding] with MIRV tech)
    tactical nuclear strikes will either destroy an IC or just prevent it from producing units in the oponents next turn (still deciding).
    Nukes initially have a range of 2 (upgraded to 4 with MRBM then 6 with ICBM techs which must be researched in that order).
    nukes can be fired from subs if nuclear sub tech is researeched.
    nukes cost 15
    if a territory containing a nuke is captured, it reverts to the conquerors control. (like AA guns)

    fighters can escort bombers on runs and defend IC’s. any air units escorting (incl the attacking bomber) and defending figs resolve combat before the SBR or nuclear SBR is resolved. attacker may retreat and not perform SBR after any full round of the combat.
    figs cannot intercept missiles.

    AA hits on 1 unless the SAM tech is researched and then they hit on 2. AA intercepts missiles at its attack rating.

    planes cannot hit subs unless a destroyer is present. subs may submerge after opening fire unless enemy destroyer is present.

    Tech costs different amounts for different countries to reflect disparities in their technology. (usa 4 ipc/dice - GDC and USSR 5 ipc/dice - china 6 ipc/dice - PAL 7 ipc/dice)
    tech is now researched by achieving a cumulative total of 20 (can be over multiple rounds)
    techs are:
    nuclear submarines- nukes may now be fired from subs, subs carrying nukes are said to be nuclear subs and may travel 3 spaces)

    stealth fighter- fighters are now immune to AA

    SAM- AA hits on a 2 or less

    advanced radar- stealth fighters may now be hit by AA. fighters may now attack subs without destroyers present

    MRBM/ICBM- nukes now travel 4/ 6 respectively

    still thinking of a 6th

    BBs are now 20
    Destroyers are now 10
    artillery is now 6
    inf is now 2
    AC is now 14 attack- 1 defence- 1

    some NA’s i’ve come up with


    unified germany: if at any time you possess both East and West germany you may unite them with a cumulative ipc value of the 2 territories. germany remains unified for the rest of the game even if it is conquered.

    Ruhr production: any non infantry units made in W. germany costs 1 ipc less

    multi nation force: if at any point paris is taken, you may nominate London or Bonn as your capitol if you control them. enemy still plunders your original IPCs. Paris cannot be remade your capitol even if you control it.

    still need 3 more


    soviet spies-  for every 2 tech dice USA rolls for a tech, you may roll one for free on your next turn.

    still need 5 more


    hyper population: your originally territories now provide 2 inf each (3 for your cap). They must be paid for like regular inf.

    still need 5 more


    soviet arms: on your turn, at the start of your turn, you may convert up to 10 IPCs of soviet land or air units into your units.

    suicide infantry: your infantry may attack in the opening fire phase with a roll of 2 or less. These units are then removed as opening fire casualties themselves. these units do not allow for artillery fire.

    still need 4 more

    i have none for the USA.

    turn order


    thoughts? oh and sorry for such a long post

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    Ahh thats already done. Check out AAMRE under this section. Rules and map and set ups already proofed,playtested and done. set in 1962. Work saved.

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  • Thanks IL but part of the point was I WANTED to do the work and create it with my own ruleset. While AAMRE does look interesting it kind of defeats the purpose of what i wanted to do. As I said it is for personal use and the work is part of it.

  • Oh and I forgot to say that ICs in occupied territory can only produce half the units of the territories value (rounded up) and there will be nation specific cards and universal event cards to shake things up.

  • …reaching 136 + karma you Hun, last 20 from Norway

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    +1  :mrgreen:

  • …anyone else?

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    You start Taliking about 1960’s games, I start thinking about my Favorite Aircraft ever.

    The Huey Gunship.  mmmm……
    I also love the idea of flying all around werever I please and Pooping out Grunts everywhere.
    Air Cav. Is Awesome. I like more then Paratrooper Regiments.  :evil:

    Those Jolly Green Giant Choppers were cool also, But F’ing Ugly

    So a Chopper Unit is a Must!. or at least available as a tech.

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