A barbarossa game map that can be used for AA.

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    Here you go, its not for AA but im sure some bloke can figure out something for AA using this.

    This is a map for a block game in process of design.

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    MY plan would be to convert this for Axis and Allies and offer it free for this site.

    I need set up to be done. I did one but id like to hear others)–- note 3 new units:

    fighter-bomber, hvy tanks and mechanized infantry

    fighter bomber attack 3, defend 2 cost 8
    Mech inf:  attack 2 defend 2, move 2, cost 4
    Heavy tanks: 4/4/2/8

    also during the first period of game Soviets can retreat on defense, and all Soviet units attack at 1 and infantry defend at 1, all others defend at 2 for like first 2 turns. Each year is 2 official turns with weather rolls for second (even turns)

    Rivers effect combat, not movement
    Swamps effect both except in snow
    Mountains effect both

    all other aspects just like Revised, but no naval rules at all, no invasions.

    airborne is possible but only with a special cards. You start with 3 cards and draw one per turn.

    Germany must control X number of production cities to win plus 1 oil and hold for 1 complete turn to win
    Soviet must take berlin to win, anything else by last turn is stalemate. 8 total turns to play.

    I need card ideas ( like “Guderian’s Panzer’s break thru!” Or “Operation Bagration”)

  • What about cards containing “Fuhrer orders” to stand and fight in certain territories making retreat impossible. God knows it made an impact at Stalingrad just to name the big one.
    Or something about Goring’s failure to properly organize the Luftwaffe (you didn’t say that cards necessarily had to be good things  :evil: )

    Also you should make the heavy tanks only available after X turns for when Russia got their T34s to the front in substantial numbers and Germany started production on the Tiger, panther etc.

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    yes right…

    just script them.

    i need like 20 cards for each side.

    All of those are fine.

    as far as the first 2 turns, All soviet infantry defend at 1, all mech inf and art at 1, all tanks at 2, plus Soviets cant retreat if attacked for 1st 2 turns.

    Id also make soviet tanks defend at 2 for longer until they draw the t-34 card. I think the cards should be sequential to avoid  crazy things happening.

    Starting IPC: Germany 30 Soviets at 53, note that the Germans can get 13 IPC in 2-3 turns, which makes each side at close to 43 IPC.

    plus Soviets get Siberian forces, and lend lease which is a roll of 2d6= aid in form of non- infantry units that can also be built.

    Also, want the Bulge chits for oil, because i need to make attacks have a cost and a higher cost in winter.

    Swamp: no armor, no blitz, defending units take 2 hits each, in winter ignore effects
    River: defender fires first on 1st round only, loses are removed before attacker fires
    Mountains: same as swamp effects minus winter exception except defender takes 3 hits each?

    in all cases you allocate hit to already hit unit before another non-hit unit

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    updated PDF of map.

    I think the only way to make it “look” like the historical campaign would be to allow Germany to start the game with 2 movement and combat sequences to simulate the total destruction they gave the soviets, and give them the opportunity to get to the historical front line.

    Id make a rule that allows encirclements as follows:

    1. If you eliminate the enemy and open a hole in his line, the units that still have 1 MP left (armor) can make an extra move of one more space after combat, and if they can manage to surround the enemy, then a new attack can be made. IN these cases every hit causes 2 combat loses on the defender.

    also bombers move 8 spaces, and fighters move 6

    In NCM all units that didn’t move at all or attack can move 3 spaces ( or perhaps 2)

    lastly, i made a “Stalingrad Scenario” start line. In both cases i will ‘ghost’ the setup on the map, so you wont need any set up sheets. It will look kinda like AA Bulge.

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    Eastern Front:
    An Axis & Allies variant

    This module uses a custom map designed to represent the German invasion of the Soviet Union from 1941-1945. Turns comprise of 4 months starting with June 22 1941- October 1941 turn with the German player receiving a double movement and attack phases for its first turn. The Campaign game comprises of 12 turns ending with the March-June 1945 turn.

    Turn order:

    1. Germany (on the first turn they perform phases 3+4 twice)
    2. Soviets

    Turn phases:

    1. Collect Income
    2. Purchase units
    3. Combat movement (also move oil tokens)
    4. Combat
    5. Armor Exploitation attacks/movement
    6. Non-Combat Movement
    7. Place units, draw card, check victory conditions.

    Special rules for new turn phases:

    1st turn special attack: On the first turn of the game the German player conducts two consecutive movement and combat phases, followed by a Armor Exploitation phase. No Soviet units are not allowed to retreat during these phases and all land units defend at 1 but disregard any terrain modifiers for turn 1, except for any forces located in Leningrad.
    In addition, if Germany performs a counter air ( CA) strike, all soviet planes defend at 1 for the first turn to represent the surprise of the initial attack.

    Collect income: you only count your originally controlled territories with IPC. Enemy occupied IPC does NOT add to this total, of course you still subtract from SBR attacks.

    Armor Exploitation: any land unit that still has one movement point left over can make one additional movement or attack. This may only involve retreating a territory to avoid a deadly counterattack, or it may involve a larger plan of surrounding the enemy by encirclement.

    Encirclement of the enemy has the following effects: All units attacking cause two hits for each normal hit rolled. The defender cannot attack with encircled units unless they get a fuel token into the territory by dropping it off with a bomber. Any tokens initially in the surrounded space are lost

    Placing units: You may place units only in original controlled territories equal to the ipc value of the territory. In Territories with a factory, you can place double the limit. You can never newly constructed units in occupied territories, even with a factory.

    This uses all the Axis and Allies Revised rules except the following:

    New units and changes:

    • Fighters and Bombers move two extra spaces.
    • No naval interactions are used.
    • Soviet Tanks Defend at 2, while German tanks defend at 3.
    • Mechanized Infantry (attack/defend at 2, move 2, cost 4).
    • Fighter-Bomber (attack 3, defend 2, move 6, cost 8).
    • Heavy Tanks (attack 4, defend 4, move 2, cost 8).
    • During Non-Combat Movement, all land units that did not move or attack can move three spaces.
    • Defender can retreat after any complete combat round.
    • Defender can allocate any fighters to defend attacked territories within 2 spaces away. They can only participate on only one defensive action of this type per turn. This is called Defensive Air Support (DAS) mission.
    • Bombers can SBR up to the limit of the IPC value of territory.
    • Taking enemy IPC does not gain you additional money, but rather you deny them the value of using the IPC for purchase phase.
    • Capturing each oil centers allows you to obtain additional free oil tokens (explained latter).
    • All fighters can be allocated for one round to attack only enemy planes within range. This is called Counter Air mission (CA).

    Oil Resources:
    Each oil center printed on the map gives a player one free oil resource per turn. If you capture enemy oil centers, you then receive the oil token. Newly created oil tokens are always placed in the territories containing the oil centers, which the territory having the capacity to yield one free token for each of them. If you decide to develop more tokens for combat on the following turn, you can build up to the printed value of the territory. In this case, each land combat has a cost as follows:

    1941 1942 1943 1944 1945
    Germany 1 1 2 3 3
    (Nov-Feb turn) 3 3 2 2 2
    Soviet Union 1 1 1 1 1
    (Nov-Feb turn) 2 2 1 1 1

    Air attacks do not require fuel tokens individually, but anytime you use your planes for any mission, you must allocate one oil token per turn.
        Oil tokens can be moved to any front line territory and used for the following turn. If the territory they are in is captured, any tokens are captured by the new player. If you don’t have a token in a territory, then you can’t attack from this territory. If during land combat you retreat, the Oil tokens must be left behind and be captured. Also, if during combat if you have units surrounded and no oil tokens, you must use a bomber to drop these supplies. Each bomber can drop one token per turn. Note: for clarification some oil centers produce two tokens per turn.
    Terrain effects:
    Rivers: defenders get +1 on defense, no armor exploitation thru these.
    Swamp no blitzing, no armor/mech can move into this or attack, defenders take two hits, no effect in winter turn.
    Mountains: no blitzing, defenders take two hits.
    Fortress cities: defenders take two hits, Note: these are German victory cities.

    Victory Conditions:
    Axis: Control all four fortress cities and hold for a complete turn.
    Soviets: Capture Berlin by the last turn of the game.
    Any other result is stalemate.

    National Advantages:
    Each player randomly chooses three special advantages which represent specific historical advantages as follows:

    • Manstein: Your tanks or infantry defend at 3 in any one area per turn.
    • Volkstrum: you may build up to 5 infantry for 2 IPC each turn starting on turn 6.
    • Panzergruppe Guderian: Your tanks can move 3 spaces in spring turns.
    • Tank Destroyers: Your Heavy Tanks can decide which unit they hit on a roll of one.
    • Paratroopers: Each Bomber can drop one infantry within 2 spaces of friendly forces.
    • Railway Artillery: Negate fortress city defense when your artillery hits only
    • East Wall: You can designate up to one territory per turn in Soviet Union, where its considered a fortress city. Use Blockhouse units from AA bulge to designate these.
    • Anti-Partisan sweeps: Negates Soviet partisan selection
    • The Bunker: The Soviets need to capture Berlin to win, selecting this can save the game, because it becomes the new German capital and must be captured for the Soviet player to claim a win. He will not know this until it may be too late.

    Soviet Union:
    • Lend Lease: Each turn roll one D6= income that must be spent on units except Infantry.
    • Zhukov: All infantry in factories defend at 3
    • Paratroopers: Each Bomber can drop one infantry within 2 spaces of friendly forces.
    • Partisans: Roll one d6= income lost from German occupied Soviet territories that turn. This roll is performed each game turn.
    • Conscripts: Five Infantry may be purchased for 10 IPC each turn.
    • Katyusha: An Artillery fires preemptively on the first round and loses are removed and do not fire back.

    Additionally, each player begins his turn with a special event that only pertains to him in the given turn as follows:

    Turn Effect
    1- Summer 1941 Gets two movement and combat phases
    2- Winter 1941-42 Fuhrer Directive-You cannot retreat this turn
    3- Spring 1942 Italian reinforcements- You get 6 Infantry, 2 armor, 3 artillery
    4- Fall 1942 Heavy Tanks may be built
    5-Winter 1942-43 Hitler orders-You cannot retreat this turn
    6- Spring 1943 Totaler Kreig- you receive 4D6 IPC to buy units this turn.
    7- Fall 1943 Operation Zitadelle- In one area you can move and attack twice
    8-Winter 1943-44 Elite SS Panzers- One tank built each turn can be allocated at 5/5
    9- Spring 1944 Jet fighters, All German fighters +1 in combat
    10 Fall 1944 V-2 rockets, Each AA gun can fire 2 space away like SBR attack
    11-Winter 1944-45 Underground factories, 2 armor for 8 IPC, 1 fighter for 8 IPC
    12- Spring 1945 Volksgrenadier- you can buy infantry for 2 ipc.

    Soviet Union:
    Turn effect
    1- Summer 1941 Stalin purge- all units defend at -1, no retreats
    2- Winter 1941-42 Siberian Army- 12 Inf, 4 Tanks, 4 Mech, 2 Fighters in Moscow
    3- Spring 1942 Heavy Tanks can be built
    4- Fall 1942 Conscripts- build 5 Infantry for 10 IPC this turn
    5-Winter 1942-43 Stalin Orders- no retreats, Infantry defending in cities +1
    6- Spring 1943 Katyusha rockets- artillery fires preemptively this turn.
    7- Fall 1943 Tankograd- you get 1 free tank for every 2 you buy this turn
    8-Winter 1943-44 Stavka reserves: you get 1 bomber, 2 fighters this turn
    9- Spring 1944 Bagration- you can attack, and move/attack again from one area.
    10 Fall 1944 Finland withdraws from war- If you control Leningrad.
    11-Winter 1944-45 TiTo - Receive 4 infantry in Yugoslavia immediately to be used.
    12- Spring 1945 Soviet Reserves- Receive 4 Inf, 2 tank, place in controlled area.

    1941 Starting setup:


    1. Army Group North in East Prussia: 12 infantry, 4 Artillery,3 Armor, 3 Mechanized Plus 1st Air fleet : 3 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    2. Army Group Center in Warsaw: 20 Infantry, 7 Artillery, 9 Armor, 7 Mechanized Plus 2nd Air fleet: 3 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    3. Army Group South in Lublin, Moldavia and Bucharest: 20 Infantry, 6 Artillery,5 Armor, 3 Mechanized Plus 3rd Air fleet in Moldavia: 3 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    4. Finnish Army in Finland: 6 Infantry, 2 Artillery, 1 Armor, 2 fighters

    Soviet Union:
    Baltic Front @ Leningrad: 8 Infantry,1 Artillery,1 Armor, plus supporting air element: of 2 Fighters also in Leningrad.

    Western Front @ Lithuania: 14 Infantry, 3 artillery, 2 Armor, 2 Mechanized and Vilnus: 12 Infantry 4 Artillery, 6 Armor, 7 Mechanized, plus supporting air element in Minsk: 2 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    Kiev Front @ Brest and Lwow: 13 Infantry, 4 Artillery 6 Armor, 6 Mechanized, plus supporting air element in Kiev: 2 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    Odessa Front @ Bessarabia: 8 Infantry, 3 Artillery, 3 Armor, 3 Mechanized, plus supporting air element: 2 Fighters, 2 Fighter-Bombers, 1 Bomber

    Stavka Reserve @:
    Moscow: 6 Infantry, 1 fighter, 1 Fighter-Bomber
    Kharkov: 2 Infantry
    Smolensk: 2 Infantry

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    heres the most recent map file i think its done…


    rules are here:


  • It would be pretty awsome to have a world map at this scale  😄 😄

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    Yea my map is 50x40, so that world map would have to be huge.

  • Customizer

    This map could be managed to allow an Axis & Allies game:

    The original game is Moscow Attacked! Its a free game.

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