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    Because we don’t master the english language completely, I need some help for explaining.
    For the influence roll can the CCP player spend as much IPP as he has in cash. Or is it restricted to the initial influence roll x2.
    for example: at the beginning of the game the influence roll is 1, can you add as much IPP as you want or max 1+1?

    Spreading influence on the CCP ref. cheet:

    During the Place Units Phase, CCP may make one influence roll on a warlord adjacent to a CCP-possessed land zone. If the roll is less than or equal to the total number of adjacent land zones CCP Possesses, all remaining land zones and military units of that warlord Align with CCP. Prior to rolling, CCP may spend IPP up to the amount of its original influence roll to increase the chance of success. Each IPP spent subtracts 1 from the influence roll. Regardless of how much is spent, “Spreading Influence” backfires on a “12” causing the warlord to Align with KMT instead

    Thanks in advance

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    @jan-aerts hey Jan, you are limited by what the maximum influence value. That means in turn 1 you can only increase your influence roll by 1.
    If you would control 3 territorries you could spend up to 3 IPP to increase your influence roll.

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