How much can the CCP piss off the Allies?

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    Obviously the CCP is at war with the KMT, which is part of the Allies. This does nothing to agitate the Allies against the CCP or Comintern. What about beyond that? What about a major CCP?

    Can the Allies declare war on the CCP, or greater Comintern, if CCP attacks Hong Kong, Burma, etc.? The reference sheets say specific ways the USSR can act to allow the Allies to declare war on them, but there is nothing about the CCP’s actions. So, I would take that to mean the CCP would/could be at war with the Commonwealth, only. The rest of the Allies could not DOW on the CCP, and the USSR would still not be eligible to be attacked by any of the Allies.

    That doesn’t seem to make sense to me, but that’s what I read in the rules. What do you guys think?

  • This is all on the NRS. The only condition that is not USSR dependent is that Germany or Japan has surrendered.

    There is no single CCP action that can trigger an allied declaration of War.

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