GWv3 Burma Rd if Yunnan is CCP owned/controled

  • If CCP owns and controls Yunnan through influence rolls prior to a Japanese DOW and attack into China, am I correct to assume that this negates any KMT abilities to use the Burma Rd for purchasing artillery and AA and any wartime bonus for Burma Rd being “open” after at war with Japan?

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    The KMT must own one end of the Burma Road and The FEC own the other end in order for the road to be open. It represents the supply chain between the Chinese Nationalists and the British. If the CCP is in Yunnan then that supply chain is broken and the KMT doesn’t receive the benefits of the Burma Road.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Thank you. That’s what I figured…just wanted to make sure. Brand new to this game (thanks to you and you videos) and doing my first test run.

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    Things like this make the China Theater/Civil War one of the most interesting areas of the game for me. They can continue to “combat” each other in ways even by not actually fighting each other.

  • @Chris_Henry It is. This is just my first test run playing this game and figured I’d let the Chinese beat up on each other for a few extra rounds before invading with Japan. CCP is close to evolving into a “major power”. I would assume that is somewhat rare with their limited statistical possibility of getting influence rolls.

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    @bradywh Yeah, that’s certainly part of the strategy!

    First game we played, I was the Axis. My brother attacked the CCP with the KMT, and lost a devastating amount of men. That was my cue to attack, since they weakened each other so much there.

    Since then, the CCP and KMT haven’t fought quite so much in future games, because it’s very apparent that Japan might take advantage if they overly weaken each other too soon. A classic “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” situation haha.

    But I’d have to agree! I don’t know how deep into the game you are, but I’d say the CCP getting that strong earlier in a game is probably somewhat an exception to the rule! Sounds like a fun one!

  • @Chris_Henry Yeah, its been a blast so far. Mainly trying to learn the mechanics of the game with terrain, RRs, blitzing, combat…it’s a lot different than A&A. Playing solo and doing every nation makes it difficult to think too many moves ahead at this point but this is how to learn.

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    @bradywh Yeah I’d agree, it’s a great way to learn it! The blitzing ability is definitely one to keep an eye on. I find it’s really easy to forget what turn round you’re on if you’re not paying attention.

    My group tends to think of playing the game as “let’s get a turn in today as quickly as we can”, when in reality I try and tell them we really need to slow this game down! There’s so many small things that happen each turn that can get lost if not just taking your time to make sure everything is done properly!

    I’d also say for you, and any other play group members, to really read up on the rules and learn the game! I typically play with my dad and brother. We’re all busy with work and what not (and I now have a 3 month old at home), but play when we can in non-COVID-19 times. One thing I’ve struggled with them is having them read all the rules for themselves. They rely on me to be the “rule master”, if you will. While that works for big picture things, it’s hard to A) Remember to tell them what they all need to do each turn, whether that be recruitment rolls, technology rolls, etc.; and B) It makes it hard for them to think on a macro-level on the objectives of the game without me just pointing out the obvious for them (and by doing so ruining strategies for myself!). It’s hard to know it all, but at least having a knowledge of the National Objectives for each nation you’re playing is KEY!

  • @Chris_Henry Very true

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