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    If a fleet consists of a battleship and some other ships and is attacked by a sub. The sub hits. Normally that counts as a direct hit without backfiring, but the battleship takes two hits to sink. If you have the battleship take the blow, can she still return fire or is she not allowed to return fire?

    Once again, thanks for replies in advance! 😄

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    The battleship can take the hit AND return fire.  (only exeption if it´s a damaged battleship and it takes the hit, then it dies before returning fire as normal)

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    Which is, basically, the point of a Battleship escort!  It takes a licking and keeps on kicking!

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    Subs always shoot in opening fire and unless there is a DD for your side anything that would “sink” from the hits scored by the subs doesn’t get to shoot back. 2 subs getting two hits could sink the BB before it could fire back. You always need two hits to sink a BB no matter when they are applied.

    Also note there is opening fire in every round of combat. Every round your subs have a shot at sinking something that won’t get to shoot back (unless an enemy DD is present.)

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