• Ok we all know that subs get to fire in the opening fire step. But after reading the rules thoroughly, it says that after the opening fire step you must remove all anti air guns and battleships from the board. So subs get to stay on the board. On the attackers next phase, it specifically says that ALL PIECES ON ATTACKERS SIDE get an attack roll. So since the sub is still on the board does that it gets to fire twice every combat round?

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    Submarines only fire during opening fire.  They stay on the board because they can be hit by the defenders.  This is unlike Battleships when they are bombarding the shore (since a rifle from an infantryman cannot possibly hit a battleship miles out at sea) or anit-aircraft guns which cannot be hit no matter what.

  • oh man, my friends are gonna be pissed, then. All the games we have played, subs get 2 attacks  😐

    ok what about anti air guns and battleship bombardments? Do they get a pre-fire attack EVERY combat round or just the first combat round?

  • Only the first round.

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    Correct, just the very first combat round.  After all, you wouldn’t want to shoot your own men, would you?

    Good questions though.  Keep them up.

  • ok now u just need to answer my transport question. can they load units and amphibious assault in the same turn?

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    Yes they may.

  • Just remember you can’t load units into a transport if the seazone is hostile. So for example, the Germans can’t send their transport in the mediterranean to SZ13 to load the units in Algeria to take Madagascar. You have to load units in a seazone which is friendly/neutral at the beginning of the turn.

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