• Hi all I am new to the forums and tried to search this question but got swamped and sidetracked by so many other topics, so i thought a quick post might be the fastest solution.
    My question is:
    1 sub attacks 1 battleship. The sub score a hit in opening fire. Is the Battelship removed from the battleboard immediately or does it take 2 hits to sink.

    I play out of the box rules and it says both of these events occur, so i am confused.

    sorry in advance if this has been answered many times before.

  • Hi
    The BBship is damaged and stays on the board.
    If later in the turn it is hit again by  another unit it is destroyed.

  • In Revised in takes 2 hits to kill a Battleship.

    So in a SUB vs BB attack, the first hit, even if it is the opening fire hit, only wounds the BB.  A second hit will sink the Battleship.

  • If you’re playing by OOB rules, you should also be familiar with the official Avalon Hill FAQ for Revised.  It attempts to clarify some of the more egregious errors and confusing rules in the out of the box rules, including that specific example:


    My sub attacks an enemy battleship. Can I sink it with my opening fire if I roll a 1 or 2, or does it still take two hits to sink a battleship?
    It always takes two hits to sink a battleship. Two subs attacking a battleship could sink it in opening fire if both hit. If only one sub attacks, the battleship is guaranteed to get a return shot no matter what because a single sub can’t cause more than one hit per round. If the battleship was hit in the first round and its return shot missed, then the sub could sink it by hitting it again on the second round. The battleship would not get an attack on that second round because it sinks right after the sub’s attack.

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