• First round in Australia I think were 1 fig, 1 inf (Jen menaced invasion). After that, 1 fig each round for landing in indian or USA ACs. 1 sea/air unit is enough for outproducing Japan with aid of USA (I also save australian fleet).

    About Africa, I was lucky, because Jen risked too much and didn’t destroy Gibraltar BB, so I could kill the italian fleet in UK1. Jen had some mistakes and also some bad rolls (I had Man and FIC ICs in R2, I think).

    In fact, it was about 10-15 ipcs to Australia, the rest for Africa and Europe.

    With less luck, Australia IC can be more tricky, I know, but menaces taking East Indies in round 4 to 6. Soviets can usually survive that with some help from UK and token USA forces (Japan send less units to west or East Indies can be easily taken, they must buy ships).

  • Always, always, always counter Egypt with everything that can reach.
    Never, never, never let Germany get entrenched in Africa.
    Yes, you can eventually get Africa back, but letting Germany get extra production IPCs out of it at little or no cost of units is strategically unsound. 😉

    Note: see my new post; Always Never 😉

  • Agreed.  A UK IC anywhere, even the main one in London, is not that valuable if UK is collecting $20 or less due to the loss of Africa.  And if UK is trying to defend both London AND Australia after losing Africa…  It sucks to be Monty!

  • '18 '17 '16 '11 Moderator

    Honestly, I like unification of the British Fleet in SZ 30 with 1 Infantry from India.  This makes it financially worse for Japan to attack than for England to be wiped out, strategically worse for Japan to attack (since they’ll lose their air force and have to leave Pearl unattacked maybe even not take China’s fighter out) than for England to be wiped out (all those ships are generally dead by UK 2 anyway, so what have you lost?)  BUT

    it really tempts Japan to try!  Furthermore, form here, you can hit E. Indies with 4 Infantry, Fighter if Japan leaves you alone, or you can hit Egypt or you can just dump the infantry in S. Africa to bolster the defenses there.

    Furthermore, if you build an IC in S. Africa (which negates the risk of losing Africa and thus your paycheck and allows you to stay in the upper twenties, lower 30s) you can be a relatively annoying pain in the butt. (Once Africa is secure, you can always dump a submarine or two in S. Africa making SZ 34 a threatened zone if you want too.  Or at least pose the risk of doing so if you don’t want too.)

    That said:

    if I had to attack the japanese iwth England, I’d go Destroyer/Carrier to SZ 59; Fighter, Submarine to SZ 45 and land the fighter in SZ 52.  I’ve seen quite a number of Japanese attacks on SZ 52 go south because of that extra fighter.

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