Air Units attacking Subs

  • Hello, I am A noob to Axis and Allies, as well as this forum and have a question.
    I am playing the revised addition 2004, and cannot locate in the rule book how air units attack subs.
    Can air units attack lone subs or groups of subs in sea zones?
    After the initial attack can the sub submerge?
    or is the sub allowed to submerge before combat to avoid air attack?
    My biggest question is where does the rule book explain this combat scenario?

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    Welcome, OUChuck!

    Air units can indeed attack subs.  Basically, any unit can hit any other unit, unless the rules say they can’t.  For example, the rules specifically say that subs can’t hit planes, and that land units can’t hit sea units.

    If there are no attacking destroyers, the surviving defending subs can submerge at the end of the first round of combat.  They do have to survive that one round of attacks, though.

    This is all explained (indirectly) in the rules in the combat section and the destroyer and sub unit profiles.  Your question is also directly addressed by the FAQ.

  • thanks the FAQ is a big help

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