What if the Soviet Union joined the Axis and Japan joined the Allies (well really Japan erupting into an Imperial Civil War)?

  • 2022


    Let me try sending it again:


    Axis And Allies 1932 seems too unbalanced for me. This was before the Nazis rose to power, and if the game is set in 1938 or 1939, the Nazis will just be killed by the Western Allies-if a game needs to be balanced, the earliest date that can be done is the date that the 1940 game starts with, when the French Army, the biggest threat to Germany, is more or less destroyed. I guess an early 1940 game, after German troops redeployed from Poland, could work.

    The political aspect of the war has always been interesting to me. Whilst players simply making deals can work, I feel like it can be better, but I don’t know how. Having shifting alliances, however it’s done, can be a lot of fun though, as it adds a lot of unpredictably to the game, and can make the situation like Diplomacy (which I never played, I’m just basing it off of what I read).

    Late war research and development sounds like a good idea, especially as military technology would have advanced faster than real life, as all countries would be at war, trying to advance technology as fast as possible. Nuclear weapons seem interesting, as I explore in this topic:


    Switching sides, especially if they already are at the start of the game and can continue to change, can make the war last a really long time, and can make it crazy and fun-I wonder how will victory conditions work though?

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