World at War by Xeno Games

  • I was wondering if anyone could tell me a little about this board game I have been to the website, but would like to know some thoughts on what people think of it and if I should buy such a game.


  • I have only played it once.  I like some of the ideas incorporated into the game.
    Rules are posted online at the website, but you can not download them. 
    You need to use Axis and Allies pcs of your own in order to play.  Xeno does not provide very many units and the units are of low quality.  Buy it at a discount.

  • Since 1995, i play that game but i change the rules, the map (4 x 😎 and the pieces.
    In fact, it’s World at War reveinted.
    Don’t have the choice anyway because there’s a lor of error on the map and the pieces are poor.


  • where is this game available?

    still in print?

  • Duh!!  :lol:


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