• Hello,

    Can anyone confirm what the Finnish inital set-up is supposed to be for this Expansion?

    The rules mention:

    4.1 Finnish Forces: Replace all Finnish forces with the following:

    • Location Nome Karjala 2x Utti Jaeger, 2x Sissi Militia, Change three Elite 3/5 infantry
      to Utti Jaeger
    • Southern Finland Change one elite 3/5 infantry to Utti Jaeger.
    • Lapand: 1x Utti Jaeger

    If I’m told to replace all Finnish forces, to me that means to wipe the map clean and put only the indicated units instead.

    What do the words that I put in italics even mean?

    What is “Nome”?

    The Utti Jaeger are the Elite 3/5 infantry ski troops according to rule WW1.1. What am I supposed to “change” in Karjala and Southern Finland?

    Does this only make sense to those of you who speak Finnish?

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    I think “Nome” is a type and they meant “Location Name” (probably a note from the draft of the rules that got missed in final editing).

    So, that might have been a misprint from the V2 game. In V2, Finland had Elite Infantry that were 3/5 infantry in the standard game. In looking at the V3 standard game setup now, it only lists regular Infantry for Finland in the start. So in short, I can’t say for sure what should happen. I think if you go by the Neutral set up charts for V3, you need to assume that the “Elite Infantry” mentioned here are really just regular infantry.

    So standard game has: 4 INF in Karjala; 1 INF and 1 Militia in Southern Finland; 1 Coastal Defense Ship in SZ 16.

    I think for the expansion you change this to: 5 Utti Jaeger, 1 INF in Karjala (converting 3 INF to Utti Jaeger, and adding 2 Utti Jaeger); 1 Utter Jaeger, 1 Militia in Southern Finland (converting 1 INF to Utti Jaeger); 1 Utti Jaeger in Lapland; 1 Coastal Defense Ship in SZ 16 (I don’t think the expansion means to deny Finland it’s naval ship when it says “replace all Finnish forces”. I think that meant land forces.).

    But maybe will come along and correct me!

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