Vanilla Spanish Civil War Question

  • Once Germany and the USSR are at war with each other, they align the Nationalist to Germany, and the Republicans to the USSR, if the Spanish Civil War has not been resolved. So does that end the Spanish Civil War and nobody wins, or can one side win once the other side is removed from Spain?

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    The simple answer is no. You would replace the Nationalists with German units and the Republicans with Russian units. The civil war is over and no points will be awarded at the end of the game for Spain.

  • @GeneralHandGrenade Thanks again.

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    Ahhh thanks for this GHG. I’d always thought the rule meant that the Spanish Civil War kept playing out once the Germans and USSR were at war, but that once the war ended, the winning side would be automatically aligned.

    Interesting, that definitely changes things in my thinking of the game! It probably behooves the Axis to keep the war going for as long as possible to have them automatically join later. Though the flip side is no victory points for winning the SCW.

    Thanks for clarifying there!

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