• This might be an obvious one, but does a (minor power) player-controlled Turkey have to declare war or be attacked on/by a MAJOR power to move to wartime income? Or can turkey attack say Iraq and move to wartime income (since technically they would be at war) any opinions/ thoughts on this? I know kind of a gray ish area nothing in the rules I found specifically says

  • I think they need to be at war with a major to be at wartime income. I agree its not very clear.

    Also im pretty sure they don’t collect income until someone successfully influences them, thoughts?

  • @insanehoshi I think your right on both counts, definitely no income till influenced I’d say again I don’t think it’s really spelled out anywhere but just sort of feels logical

  • Turkey has to be at war with a major. Every other playable nations with an income that scales has to be at war with a major so no reason for Turkey to be different.

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