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    And earlier question has prompted me to look at V3’s beta rules out of curiosity. I personally am waiting to utilize that rule set until after I know if it’s completeness.

    One thing I am hoping for is a revision to the Chinese Civil War, and it certainly looks like we’re getting that. However, I already see contradictions in the beta rules. I’m hoping those have been caught and will be fixed, and/or that someone can clarify here.

    On page 78 of the beta rules, for “Truce”, it states: “Neither faction may Attack the other faction”.

    However, both the CCP and KMT National Reference Sheets say this under “Chinese Truce”: “Even if the CCP and KMT have signed a Truce, either faction may still Attack the other faction at any time.”.

    Well, which is it? The rule book specifically says signing the Truce makes you unable to attack each other. The Reference Sheets say you can even if the Truce is signed.

    Also, this seems to make sense to me, but figured I’d ask here anyways.

    The rules say that the CCP makes a recruitment dice roll for units, and doesn’t use IPP’s. This, on it’s face, makes the 2 IPP a turn the CCP gets as pointless in terms of buying units, right? The CCP cannot also use that 2 IPP a turn to buy a Militia, or save and build an Infantry, right?

    If that is correct, do they just collect their IPP’s every turn during the game, and just save up for when/if they evolve to a Major Power? It looks like the IPP’s could be spent each turn otherwise on helping with influence rolls to align Warlord nations, but that’s it, right?

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    @Chris_Henry I think what they mean is that they can break the truce anytime after the foreign power has been expelled from China. That’s what I got out of it.

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    @GeneralHandGrenade thanks GHG. I’m going to have to make that assumption as well. I have a feeling it’s a contradiction though, as they mention what you say above specifically in the “Declarations of War” section. But I’d have to go with your assumption, as there would be no point in any kind of truce being signed otherwise.

    Do you have any insight to my second question about the use of CCP income?

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