• I think Germany can use its lightning war ability to attack multiple territories? I plan to attack France and Poland on the same turn, use lightning war, and attack both again. Rules say all German land and air units may make an additional attack. But it doesn’t feel right to me either.

  • @kmtnt Yes, they can take multiple territories, and yes it is a strong ability, but keep in mind it is a one off thing usually used on France and Poland who are doomed to fall.

  • @insanehoshi Thanks. There are a lot of rules, kind of gets your head swimming sometimes. In this case I feel like if you’re going to use it on France, you might as well get some extra utility from it with Poland.

  • This is a definate yes. According the German NRS :

    « Once per game, and prior to January 1941, all German land and air units may make an additional sequence of combat moves, combat (including blitz) and non-combat movement. The second round of attacks takes place immediately after the end of the first non-combat movement. Units with blitz may use this ability both rounds if possible. »

    There is no suggestion that this special ability is restricted to one territory. You can use it in multiple territories and on all available fronts.

    You can also wait to decide after the first sequence if and where you will make a second round of combat moves, depending on how things go in the first round.

    A strong argument for the German player to be ready to go to war before January 1941.

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